Lettuce Reminisce

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  1. Tell me a weird story from your childhood. I'll start.

    I once knew this girl who purposely inverted her nipples, so that where her nipples were looked like pink dimples. She said nipples were ugly and should be pushed in and made fun of me for having normal nipples (we were like 11 and spent the summer swimming together, thus were topless around each other a lot, which was how both of us figured out the others' nipple situation). I sometimes wonder about her present day sex life and how people react to her nipples if she still keeps them inverted. Or maybe she realized that was heccin weird in her teenage years idk. Your turn.
  2. How... how did she make her nipples inverted
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  3. Idk how she did it without it hurting or if she just let herself suffer because of her visual preferences. But i did ask her to show me so I could try and she popped them out like normal and then poked them inwards w her fingers, and I tried to copy her but couldn't. Maybe she had a deformity
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  4. there’s a hentai genre for inverted nipples. don’t ask me how i know.
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  5. I really thought this was about lettuce.

    If you were 11 at the time, it's doubtful that she was serious about this. Kids are always weird at this stage. Probably just discovering. I remember the time when the rumour spread around my classmates that sleeping face down will lessen your chances of having breasts when you grow up. Kids are weird.
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  6. 😂 Wait you have those weird outward poky nipples? Das crazy!
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  7. how can we top such a story from op 🤧
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  8. Cant. Its impossible
  9. Just tell me one lmao
  10. Someone was feeling that cancer moon
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  11. No one ever wants to go along w my nonsense, I just get a bunch of "da fuq" type replies 💔
  12. I don't know any stories or i would. The only thing that came to my mind i cant write here
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  13. once i think of a story i’ll put it here op.
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  14. supportive qmud for op
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  15. I don't remember many childhood memories. Particularly weird ones.

    I can tell you about when I was about 10 my grandma was watching my sister and I and my friend from across the cul-de-sac asked if we wanted do go play down at the creek. My grandma said it was too far but we went anyways.

    We made little leaf boats to see who's could get the farthest and when we went to collect them one time I tripped over the chain link fence. I looked over at arm and I could see my arm looked like the letter Z, I had fallen on it weird and caused it to break just above my elbow. My sister and my friend had to run for help as a laid there screaming. It was 100% karma for not listening to my grandma

    Also I'm still confused as to how she kept her nipples in
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  16. I think hard to know weird coz idk whats normal
  17. So a practise that me and some of my friends engaged in often was competitive burping. We don't do that anymore so idk. Might be worth mentioning.
  18. Oof that sounds painful.

    Idk how she kept her nipples in, either. It came naturally to her so ig she didn't know how to properly explain.
  19. I feel like that's a worldwide hobby for teenage bois and idk why
  20. Anything is fine