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  1. Hello, Players of PIMD

    This is a guide based on the deeper mechanisms of stats in PIMD. I'll consider making more guides on the other in-depth mechanisms of PIMD, depending on how well this one works.

    So, to begin let's differentiate between the two types of stats that exist in PIMD.

    1. Raw stats
    2. Profile stats

    What are Raw stats?
    Raw stats are the stats you see on all misc items and furniture, like shown below

    What are Profile stats?
    Profile stats, aka base stats, are the stats you see on your profile when you look at your own account: shown below.

    It's easiest to refer to things as profile stats because they're easiest to understand--we can compare profile stats given by misc/furni to our actual profile stats to make more sense of them.

    Raw stats can be converted to profile stats by the following forumla:
    profile stats=(raw stats)(.02)
    That's to say, raw stats are worth 2% of profile stats. You know your energy on your profile? That's a raw stat. What does it correspond to? Your profile stats!

    This is my energy. 2% of top number (strength) is 13,460,000, or my profile strength (rounding is incorporated as you can see).

    In the misc item example we can figure out what it's worth in profile stats. Referring to the previous formula:

    profile stat=(3,000,000)(0.02)
    Thus, this item is worth 60kcs in profile stats.
  2. What about RS bonuses?

    In previous threads, it has been stated that you recieve 10% of the rs stats:

    Using our new knowledge on raw and profile stats, let's further investigate this using my (scary) lovely RS.

    First, we must look to previous threads on the topic to understand how the bonuses are configured: RS bonus Guide by Muschi

    We see here, information that was given on the original RS thread by the devs, but here on Muschi's guide:

    But let's further look at it: The 5x rule is applicable to an RS' profile stats, this then gives the other party in the RS a raw stat.

    Example with my RS:

    These are my RS' profile stats: let's multiply by 5 (we'll only look at strength, because we could just apply the same methods to intel if we wanted to).

    So, let's look at my RS bonuses page:

    But, this is a raw stat, how much does this actually help me? Did I really gain 89m(!!) strength bonus?

    Plugging in what we know..

    Profile stats=(89,000,000)(0.02)
    My RS provides me a strength bonus of 1.78m in profile stats, which is much easier to understand. In fact, we could even compare it to Dormies

    A tier 10 (2.8T) Strength-heavy dormie (Lv1) gives a 1.2m increase to strength (Profile stat). My RS actually gives me a better strength bonus than a 2.8T dormie.

  3. Weird flex, but okay?

    This information helps us to better understand the bonuses provided to us by our misc items, furni, and RSes.
    It also helps us to better understand the (broken and overpowered) full impact of misc bonuses.

    Let's say you have 500m/500m misc bonus (there are MUCH, MUCH larger out there).

    This is a raw stat, so to better understand how much it affects us, let's convert one side to a profile stat, the other side will function just the same.

    Profile stats=(500,000,000)(0.02)
    Wow. 10m strength bonus in profile stats. That means 10m in intel and 20mcs in total profile stats bonus.

    The other aspect involves static and non-static bonuses:

    static bonuses are bonuses that do not change with energy. They are independent of energy and always provide their full strength
    Most PIMD bonuses are of the static nature. This includes misc, furni, tb, and %.

    Non-static (or dynamic) bonuses are bonuses that DO change with energy levels
    This applies to dormies. Your strength/intel is lower the less energy you have. You may see this most apparently when you are attacking another player who has full energy, but you are low energy--you are more likely to fail (or at least struggle to succeed)

    The bonuses provided by misc (and others, but misc is the biggest culprit) is never weakened, but remains at full strength. If a player you're hitting has bigger stats, but you have (way) bigger misc, then as that opponent's energy drains, you'll find yourself landing more and more hits.

    Kinda, yeah. See, a Broken mechanic in PVP:

    This means, that as long as you and your opponent have at least over 100mcs in misc, your hit ranges will not be affected by further misc.
    Hit ranges are how high/low stats of a player you can hit without getting DTW/DTS
    Thus, if I had 100tcs misc, and my oppponent had 110mcs misc, and we were normally within hit ranges before looking at misc, then I would have 0 trouble hitting that player.

    100tcs?:50t str/50t intel= 1t/1t PROFILE STRENGTH.
    This bonus does not depend on my energy and is static. It also is capped at only 100mcs.

    The worst part of it all?
    It's tradable
  4. Special thanks to:

    Rynnethia: thank you for your BB coding help, as always. The anchoring worked perfectly.

    Lyssa: Thank you for the help posting it all fluently. It went smoothly af thanks to your tactics.

    Swabia, the holder of the caste code: most of you all won't know this KaW player, but he taught me the beginning of the inner mechanics through which all this was possible. Without his foundation, I wouldn't have anything to grow from.
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