Let's banned Avatars

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Devouring, Mar 9, 2014.

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  1. Although its your opinion, you sort of asked for the community's opinion as well.
  2. We should farm the pervs
  3. Sweet. Trust me most of these avatars get us men horny and dirty thoughts. Earthier developers change and make them look ugly or follow one of my to ideas.
  4. Here's ops story.

    Gets banned in KaW, moves to PIMD to fail troll.

    Or perhaps you're successful here? PIMDers aren't as smart as KaWers.
  5. Wait what? It gets us men horny and hot? What the fuck. Speak for yourself. Creep
  6. ? ? ? ill pretend i didnt see, read or hear myself reading this thread ?
  7. No support
  8. Maybe he thinks the avatars on PimD are corrupting him 
  9. I disagree Devouring u should rp with the pervs. They will change ur mind.;) I want pie rp right now I love the avis i dream about un femme evrynight before.i go to sleep in pimd world. :lol: :twisted: :ugeek: :mrgreen:
  10. There would still be pervs… lol they would just add eachother
  11. This guy is going to get a lot of hate  so stupid
  12. We are just gonna overlook the fact that guy said PIMDers aren't as smart as KaWers?

    Okay, Seems Legit.
  13. devouring wanted to ban meat as well.
  14.  there's a hell of a lot of perverts in KaW I've come across a shit ton during my month of playing. 
  15. He is maybe right in regards to intelligence comparison to KaW players.
    People in pimd do not care to know the game anymore, terminology is not used correctly, and the emotional integrity of most players on here .-. Bleh
  16. Bro, idk about you. But i'm just as smart as any KaW player, how do i know? I frequent KaW forums. And clubs. They just need to know more terminology. It's our fault noones teaching noobs right. Everyone so damn worried bout a minimum Combined Stats. -_- Just found subject of my next thread. Thank you.
  17. Well KaW is on the Internet too.

    But the mods actually get the pervs most of the time on KaW.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.