Legends of the Spring

Discussion in 'Past Events' started by ATAMarceline, Mar 5, 2019.

  1. Shouldn’t make any difference what sort of club I’m in
    Apes know that there are 100s of players in cat clubs and should Taylor the hunts likewise to suit everyone

    After all it’s our cash that keeps them 
  2. You skipped the ending of what I said, it’s their first 3 week hunt, you can’t expect it to be perfect just like with anything else. They also just added a new side story, so it seems they did plan ahead
  3. there's still another side story. vip side avi hasn't come out yet? + this is usually how it goes if you're in a cat club. you finish both main and all the side stories.... then you sit and wait for next hunt
  4. So are there no VIP prismeyland avatars or what? How do you expect someone to get them in 4 days.

  5. I was wating for this tbh 
  6. So like what is happening right now? Where are all these avatars coming from? Where is the vip for side hunt? I’m sooo confused
  7. I already died waiting for the blue boy just to find out there was a pink version of him first. They’re dragging this out way too long.
  8. So Ive been trying to recover my old account for a day now. Have been gone for about 6 years. But apparently can't just shoot an email anymore. I'm also skeptical if the help section tickets actually work since my first ticket disappears into thin air with no response, and my second one has been ignored for over 10 hours now. Any advice?
  9. Help tickets actually do help, takes about 1-2 days for a response usually
  10. Ok that's slow but thanks