Leather Collar Avatars

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  1. Howdy everyone,

    I'm looking to get some new avatars, and the ones from collecting 600 leather collars look pretty dope. Are you still able to combine 600 collars for the avatars? A club member of mine said you can't anymore because the event is over. I'm relearning this game so feedback is appreciated.

  2. No they never combined. You collected it then used them to buy from the store. They was limited time had a timer on them the day was put out
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  3. If you bought the activator before it disappeared from the shop you still can. If not, then the collars won't turn into an avi even if you have 600
  4. I had the cuff Avi and switched to another Avi and now I can’t find the hand cuff one. Where is it possibly?
  5. Occasionally my game glitches, so the avatar moves towards the back. Try restarting and if you still can’t find it I’d say to send in a ticket to support.
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  6. its a glitch. ata knows about it and working on it already.
    you can access this avi from full items list.
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  7. it waznt a activator. You had to have the much needed 1st then buy the avi. I tryed to buy my cuff 1 with less n it said no
  8. The collars did not have an activator, they were currency to buy the avatar (which is no longer available)