Last giveaway of mine(?)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Faie, May 1, 2017.

  1. *insert persuading text*
  2. still got anything left? ?
  3. Her love for toiletpaper
  4. Never been part of any giveaway. Sorry that u goung tho
  5. All tempura bentos if u please
  6. I want ur tempura set bro I am a noob so help me please
  7. Hey, I have started this game only few days ago so if u help me to give me ur some of the item then I can grow my self

  8. Fairlalu thanks ?
  9. Anything Please 
  10. Aww ️ come back one day, I did? you gonna miss pimd
  11. Anything's gud
  12. Take care
  13. Hello Love sorry you are quitting, like you said nothing last forever but I would truly appreciate if you would chose me as one of your winners!
  14. Bento or chibis rlly.
  15. Farewell and take care 
  16. All these beggars stopped lurking at the mention of free items
  17. Oooo please 
  20. Best wishes to you!  I'm sure there'll be a lot of people who will miss you greatly here.