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  1. She most likely silenced because she broke the ToU.

    And it is possible for her to be unsilenced if she emails the devs but I doubt anyone thinks she should be.

    This is your last thread for today. 
  2. Likely got* Whoops.
  3. If she broke ToU, then no she shouldn't.

    And it should be your last thread because you've already made 2 in a short period of time. You're almost to the point of spamming.
  4. Because making three unimportant threads in less than an hour is frowned upon. But you can make a few more, I won't be here to witness the humiliation.

    There's nothing you can do to unsilence her. She broke the ToU so the best you could do is learn from her mistake. You'll be able o talk to her in 24hrs 
  5. Lol thanks Michelle.

    Bye 
  6. Well, then she had 3 opportunities to behave.
    I've been here well over 200 days and never once have I been silenced.