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    ang let me smash again
  2. There are threads about creativity and all that...i want pimd to create a even like hunt maybe where clubs need to find clues based on some riddles in this hunt whole club will work together to solve the riddles and hit in parties to get clues and figure out which clue is for riddle plus you give the chance to choose the riddle and many useless clues to confuse but the question is there are many clubs and if someone solves one mystery they'll tell others but it's still a good idea to get people's interested and wake their sleeping Sherlock Holmes
  3. And yeah clubs can trade clues they get from parties for each different riddle they choose and combine those clues to get the riddle or mystery solved it's like a big event for whole clubs to participate
  4. ^ club hunts are mostly always stupid because it's always the ones that do the most flashes that win.

    Perhaps if it was a wild goose chase around the different parties, excluding premium ones, and each new party has a clue, and occasionally a unique item will drop from it like a GiftBomb. And everyone in club gets the item.

    Devs will have to think about the average number of parties clubs can complete. They'll wanna include premium parties somehow and will need to think of a way to make that fair, and so on.

    A clue hunt could work on a club-wide basis.
  5. We hired this assassin to hack up 2 big lobsters that didn’t do anything wrong to us. ?Then we’re gonna boil their meat and devour them.?I feel kinda guilty doing that but they are so delicious especially with melted butter.
  6. Shiiiiiid, I'm tryna get my meat devoured too, but premium is free today... so my hand finna be my date
  7. Was there a club hunt before something like this???
  8. Why the heck
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