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    ok but, my year started like crap.

    I was dealing with my on and off relationship, even though I was travelling. Cried and threw up in the randomest places in Japan. It didn't help that I was having such a hard time moving on.

    Soon after, my grandma passed away. It was a painful heartbreak, but it felt relieving, as she has been sick for years now. I wasn't there to see her last moments, but the people who were told me that she was happily eating tofu and taking selfies with them before pacefully sleeping.

    It took me half a year to get over my ex, and when I did, so many things improved. I got a new wonderful job, my grades shot up, went on a trip with my friends, got an internship, became more passionate in my coding. Yeah, there were hiccups in the moving on process, but oh boy, it felt like I defeated the dark shadow that pulled me back.

    Overall, while 2017 had sweeter moments, I grew more as a person in 2018, and I'm excited to see what 2019 will come to. ?
  2. LMAO a tv show where we strap a GoPro on my cat and she just walks around all day
  3. I'd watch it. Those yt videos of dogs wearing GoPros is literally what I watch at 2am when I'm supposed to be sleepin
  4. honestly don’t know if this game ruined me or made me better as a person.
  5. She has this really cool marking on her mouth that makes it look like the colors split

    Okay but not to get too off topic

    2018 was also the year I saw Jhene Aiko in concert and that was 11/10
  6. That cat pic 12/10

    Jhene Aiko?
  7. 2018 has been good. I graduated uni, became more active in my community through volunteering, and am giving back to my uni by helping to design a class for future generations. Let's just say, 2018 has set the bar high to beat it.

  8. I been wondering this all 2018 tbh

  9. Most of PIMD, no cap
  10. My year sucked, but I just got a puppy so all is right in the world of teapot now.
  11. bumping to clear out the Jaco stuff
  12. This year, I ended a relationship that was dragging me down, so that's bittersweet. I feel like I've gotten myself involved more on forums, y'all aren't so bad on here. Other than that, I've been living my life pretty much the same
  13. Again, tell your friend to stop.
  14. ???what tf are you on about?

    Brittany doesn’t have friends, silly.
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  15. The only gc I’m in with forumers has 8 people including me and only like four of us are awake rn so I’m pretty sure it’s none of us

    sksksks BYE CRYSTAL
  16. There's different gc(s) I don't think the culprit is in yours... might be if they lack melanin
  17. someone put bleach in my camelback, im still dealing with the after math of that, i broke two ribs and fractured my knee, possible hip fracture, been phyiscally assulted by my teammates, and harrashed, been moving across the country with my family, i been depressed, my oldest god who is 14/15 has a tennis ball size lump and we dont have money for that, my niece was been having problems with school her mental health, shes ten.
  18. Brittany frfr doesn't have friends? I'll help her out. I'll take her to a reverse Mandingo party for her birthday.

    You heard of throwin a lil dirt on the white rabbit? Well, this'll be rabbits hoppin on one mound.
  19. 2018 had a positive balance despite some challenges I had to go through. I adopted my two current kittens. They turning one year old in January, no more children :') . I learned things about myself that helped me to improve a lot. I met someone special and started a totally unexpected, unplanned and mostly beautiful relationship.