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  1. hi

    As you know, 2019 is right around the corner:0 and I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and looking back at my year.

    So I was just curious on what are some of your favourite memories from the past year and what are you looking forward to next year?️

    For me, it’s been a messy but lovely year. Went through a crappy breakup, met someone new, attended my sister’s wedding, and of course, school is just wOndErfUl(heh student loans rip.) But nonetheless, I’m hoping 2019 will be the year I finally do my New Years resolutions?(even though I’ve been telling myself that for the past 3 years) and fix my sleep schedule?.

    Sadly, this is not a giveaway:( or a contest of some sort, but simply me wanting to read about your year.
    sorry that I seem creepy

    mkay bai
  2. Oh, no giveaway, pack up boys, maybe next time.
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  3. o:(
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  4. This year flew by. I got a kitty for the first time in my life. I adore her.

    Tried to save money but half-heartedly. Always something came up that diverted my funds. Decided I’m not getting married anytime soon cuz it’s expensive even though I’ve been engaged 2 years. (Living in sin basically not that I’m religious.)

    Put a lump of funds into fixing the car for emissions test. Then quickly came Christmas in which I survived cuz I do have savings. Our cafe that I work at closed down for 2,3 weeks and my hours were cut by a margin so I really thought I wasn’t gonna have a happy Xmas. But luckily survived unscathed.
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  5. I moved into an apartment with my boyfriend and got a promoted at work! 
  6. I joined PIMD, for better or for worse.
  7. My favorite part of this year was quitting school.
    I look forward to not returning back to school next year 
  8. Oh mood. I did this too. Going to do apprenticeship for my veterinary assistance certification in 2019. :) Quitting college felt so relieving.
  9. This year I quit my job,right after my birthday,had a fun trip home with my boyfriend and his mum and found a new job that (for now) I love.
    Also,joined PIMD in July so it wasn't a bad year at all
  10. My fav memory of 2018 is adopting my cat. She’s a little thug tbh. When I first got her she was small, her coat was dull and she didn’t like to be held.
    Now, she’s thicc, shiny and I can hold her for like two minutes.

    Hopefully by the end of 2019 I’ll be able to hold her for five minutes.
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  11. Awh congratulations on your kitty️!! I understand the struggle tbh, even though I’m not engaged:( marriage is hella expensive with everything like the reception, entertainment, cake, dress, flowers, etc. I’m glad you managed to enjoy your Christmas️
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  12. Congratulations!!️ Ik I’m some nobody on pimd but I’m proud of you and very happy for you️
  13. Well, you’re certainly bringing quite the positive impact to pimd:) something I have yet to accomplish and it’s my second year here
  14. Man don’t I wish I didn’t have to return?
  15. This year is like a magical year for me despite of how many bad events come up in my life one after another, but i found something i never thought was real. and that's why i'm so happy beyond words.
  16. Ooo sounds fun and eventful lmao wish my year was that exciting
  17. Awh I bet she’s the cutest skdkxks?
  18. Hmm yea I can relate in a sense, I’m really happy that it turned out well in the end for you tho!!
  19. I see an excuse to post my cat ?
  20. Beautiful cutie! Unique colouring too.