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  1. Idk what sepsis is but I know the hospitals are now feeding on people's fear. If you're scared you'll do what they ask u to, you will pay what they quote you, its crazy

    Im not saying you shouldnt take the necessary precautions for the said disease, but dont let fear and stress take away your peace of mind. Losing that will only make things worse for you
  2. We don't pay hospital bills in Canada. Sepsis is a lethal blood infection which occurs from other sorts of infections in the body that have spread, like a lymph infection.

    And agreed. I am trying to stay calm since ik I'm just urging my illness by being upset all day =/
  3. =[ wish you guys the best. But yeah, defs go to the doctor. Better to be safe and waste time than to be too late, qt
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  4. I'm not a medical expert but one thing I can tell you from experience (and probably everyone knows it) that how your body reacts to any disease or infection depends a lot on your state of mind (besides immunity ofc)
  5. I know, that's what my old boss said to me once and the saying has stuck with me. Feel better soon
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  6. It made me giggle and feel better yesterday for a bit tbh haha
  7. Also, I lived. They put me to sleep and cut me open last night. Not at random, the doctor discovered a v tiny foreign body that they removed. I shall live to see another day, huzzah. And I can hobble again
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  8. Excuse what?! What do you mean a foreign body?
  9. It's assumed to be a splinter that went too deep that I donut remember getting
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  10. Hows the afterlife btw
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  11. Painful. Require lotsa Tylenol
  12. I hope you start feeling better soon! Also, I wouldn't necessarily say the doctors are at fault. It's important for them to be sure of what you have and take certain measures and take precautions for your safety. I'm sure they're doing what they can. Oh yeah, here's a cute thing as well

    cute pup
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