Just Dying

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  1. No big deal. Or I might not be idk. Why be a doctor if you have no clue what I have πŸ™„ Tis not Covid but I can no longer walk until it clears up (or perhaps never if I get sepsis and die, because them figuring out is actually on a very short timeline) and it sucks and show me cute memes to cheer me up pls. I didn't even get to finish my degree before passing away and I was so close. I graduate in a few months πŸ₯²
  2. You'll be fine. The medical fraternity is just crazy stupid right now
  3. Can't tell if bad attitude towards doctors or just very bad mood because of fear of death but you should be up-front about everything that's going on and give them as much info as possible to help bring you to health.

    Better they take their time to be certain and diagnose you properly than misdiagnose you and give you a treatment that may make things worse.
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  4. I did tell them everything. They don't know what it is. I've had multiple tests. I have a secondary infection (lymphangitis) which is making it so I can't walk but they don't know what's causing the secondary infection.

    They've been giving me a bunch of random antibiotics and hoping one works because lymphangitis can quickly develop into sepsis.
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  5. Could be something internal. Like if you ate a fish bone or something, in some cases they can cause small ruptures from your digestive system which can lead to infection.

    Hopefully a decent enough group can investigate it. This covid stuff is throwing all the hospitals out of whack
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  6. What are your symptoms? As a mother, I have become a fantastic arm chair doctor. I will diagnose you
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  7. My only notable symptoms are from my secondary infection, lymphangitis. So most of my lymph nodes are swollen to the point i can't move much. I had a fever a few days ago where I slept around 24 hours but that's likely from the lymphangitis. And I've had an on-off sore throat. They've already ruled out most things like covid/stis/utis/kidney infection.
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  8. Ik i probably will, am just stressed. It doesn't help that the nurses keep talking about how it could progress to sEpSiS. I donut want sepsis
  9. i cant do memes. but i can do gifs πŸ‘€
  10. Ahhhhhh yes, I know this illness well. Around here we call it, "shutup you ain't sick the weather just changed." I prescribe ibuprofen and lemon ginger tea
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  11. Lmao. I sick tho
  12. Yes pls.
  13. Rest in piece Wensay
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  14. πŸ’” give me a few weeks of not reporting if I made it before casting me off w the dead
  15. Does anyone hear anything? I feel like there's a presence from the other side in this thread
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  16. Thread became a sΓ©ance
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  17. This is a tragedy. Rip mah Tea Gang bud.

    Tbh my fiance is going through the same, we just got his test results back and it's not the rona so may be a trip to the hospital soon here.
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  18. I'm sorry, qt, I hope he gets well. It's like extra scary being unwell during covid =/ and then having to take time off work.
  19. I dunno if I'm more scared knowing it's now covid tbh. He's been sick for like a week and I haven't caught anything from him so it's super sus.

    I hope they figure out whats going on with you though! Keep pestering them.