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  1. You aren't required to spend any money, just wait until the non rose quests are complete to open your boxes, they shouldn't take that long.
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  2. buying the darn 100ec gift for a friend 🤧🙄💕 wm
  3. So then is there a time limit on the masks or no? Because spending no money basically means light boxes.
  4. Theres no time limit
  5. Like ciara said, there is no time limit
    If you have any more questions, feel free to check the FAQ I made on the original announcement thread. Hopefully that will be able to help.
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  6. So this is a fae hunt. Why are we getting more autumn stat items then fae? Legit makes no sense.
  7. It’s fall hunt. So it kinda does make sense that the stats are more on the autumn side than the fae side. They included the fae side of things as like a side piece mixed in, not the entirety of the hunt.
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  8. Sometimes I wish you give us ava from the top 500. 😔😔💔 We put a lot of effort too. It's just that some people just got more money to spend. I wish you can reflect on that for the Black Friday hunt. 😔😔💔💔💔 I really wanted the avas from T100. But, I slipped after 2 days. I got no more funds to catch up to the leaderboard.
  9. What are the stats on the one in the green dress ?
  10. [​IMG]
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  11. Thank you Lyssa ❤️
  12. A concept: don’t spend irl money
  13. The thing is, if you had made it onto the top 100 or even top 10 would you still have that same feeling? Of players who couldn’t make the standings to still gain the great Avis? A lot of players wouldn’t, a lot of players only care for themselves. (Not saying you are one) which is also why a lot of players feel they deserve what they can not achieve. ATA holds the nicest Avis that in turn will gain them more profit as a company. So really yeah it may suck not gaining said Avis but you gotta accept that this game you’ll never get everything you want sadly either.
  14. The Fae furniture options in store will be available until Oct 24th only?
  15. Yup, after that they’re gone. There’s always the chance can you by the actual piece of furniture off someone though.
  16. 😫ohno..Hard to find big ticket sellers
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