Is The Spotlight is Fair.

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Spotlight should made more fair to lower level players?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. I challenge you to do this on an alt and show us all 👀 put action behind that big talk
  2. I made to steal the spotlight once and the player was 100mcs.

    So this is true!
  3. Who pays attention to that bs?
  4. In my opinion, it is unfair to lower stat members/people who don't funnel money into this game.

    But should it be changed? Probably not. As mentioned before by Arse the XC is just one feature of the game that adds an area of interest to big stat/big spenders. There are plenty of other features that ftp players like myself can participate in!
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  5. Did you win the avatar tho
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  6. By hitting the player spotlight
  7. Nope the spotlight got stolen straight away I didn’t even have a chance to blink
  8. Okay sure
  9. Yeah this is what I meant. So I mean technically yall have a lot of time to do the spotlight. Thank ya Vo for getting the ss.
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  11. Any hitting is valid or only eavesdrop?
  12. Hitting is valid, just use eavesdrop if they are dtw
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  13. I don’t think it’s fair because it’s simply for higher players. There’s no way anyone with low stats is winning anything period. Do I think the XC is a fun idea? YES. Do I think there needs to be different LEVELS for the XC to make it more fair? Y E S lol.
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  14. But how can you steal the spot light back when you can't even come close to landing a hit on that player? Since most of the players I see on that XC leaderboard are very very high stat. I've tried soo many times to hit it first or try and steal it but it seems impossible. :/ & I sadly really liked the female avi too, she looks like Halsey to me lol
  15. Failed hits can actually still steal the spotlight! It’s a small chance, but you’re still able to.
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  16. I tried to hit the spotlight but it said the defender was too week 😕
  17. What does dts mean
  18. Defender too strong, the player is above your hit range.
  19. Check the XC LB.

    If it’s not the very beginning of the event someone likely took the Spotlight already.
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  20. Now they ruined it even more 💀 After new update you actually have to type persons ign 💀