Is The Spotlight is Fair.

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Spotlight should made more fair to lower level players?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. The Spotlight extracurricular is more debating because some say it's unfair for lower level players meanwhile some say it's fair for high level players because they spend more money and they deserve it.

    So what you think?
    Is it fair and no need change?
    Is it unfair and need changes so lower levels players can win?

    Vote Now.!❎
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  2. people still do that?
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  3. You can participate still though. Kcs players can even steal the spotlight from the high stats player when they are dtw (or you can hit TheSpotlight as soon as the XC starts). So I guess it's fair enough🤷🏻‍♂️
    Also, I believe they will make a better XC in the future. Just send in a tix w your feedback/ideas instead. I think that's way better, no? Debating here won't change anything js🥴
  4. It’s an XC, so you also don’t have to participate in it. And basically everything Outlaw said as well.
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  5. I like to think of it as a game feature that you can access by upgrading and getting stronger.
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  6. You don't have to participate. But if you really want to, you can dedicate your time and effort into getting stronger.
    its nice to have goals and ambitions once in a while... even pixelated ones...
  7. Outlaw, Day, Arse all 3 more than 50mcs. You guys represent the high stat class.

    Let us hear the low stat guys too. Don't influence opinions.
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  8. You asked for opinion in a public forum. There’s no “influencing opinions” when we are giving the feedback you asked for.

    I also don’t have interest in The Spotlight because I don’t typically engage in PvP, not because I am higher stats.
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  9. Who cares?

    More cat parties please. 🌝
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  10. Idk I try to partake in it but I end up using more energy than actually taking the spotlight. I like to use my dns for other things, but it would be nice to actually get in on the action.
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  11. How are you a mod? Anytime someone sends a ticket with feedback or ideas ata always responds by saying "post it in forums." So OP is doing exactly what ata would want them to do 🤷‍♀️
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  12. I don’t mind it, I tried when it first came out by hitting the spotlight as soon as it started and got it twice that way.
    If you’re worried about not being able to steal it from the higher players I’d recommend trying that way instead
  13. I absolutely love the female avi, it's probably the only avi I've liked so far that I have a chance to get. I've been trying, but it's obvious the people who hold the spotlight have hella money to buy dns as well as a ton of saved dns to stay dts and therefore keep the spotlight as long as possible. I ended up giving up on it.
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  14. How to gain spotlight in the first place?
  15. I may have posted drunkenly once too 😉
  16. For the people that are on the smaller end of stats the best advice I could give you is hit the spotlight as soon as it starts. You have over 200 days left to get the avis 😬 I've noticed especially right now the spotlight has been busy due to so many people on lockdown in the world
  17. Over 200 days, what??
  18. [​IMG]

    I think they're referring to the "sale ends" thing when you try to get the avi
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  19. I'm confident that I could get the avi on a 10kcs account in less than 2 weeks if I wanted to. As long as you understand how the spotlight works, any sized player can get the avi.
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  20. At the start of the event, you’ll have to hit ign:TheSpotlight.

    After someone has stolen The Spotlight from them, you will have to hit the player who has The Spotlight which you can see via XC LB.
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