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Discussion in 'Fan Creations' started by [ATA]Grant, Apr 30, 2014.

  1. You guys should do an avatar hunt, for the Greek gods and goddess. ?
  2. Hey? This might be crazy but I'll try for the best girl in my life, guys? Can we have a SPONGEBOB CHIBIs??
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  3. I agree with you haha, look at my club there are couple of greek gods name out there
  4. Yes please. I'll promise to participate hard ?
  5. Need to do some World War pin up girls for May hunt would be great for memorial day
  6. Let's see what people come up with
  7. @pimdguide is a page i made on instagram! Check it out!
  9. 
  10. I think we should do Nintendo style hunts. Collecting coins mushrooms. Mario like Avis
  11. Would love this! Especially Peresphone.
  12. Can u create a real look like avatar like old graphics .
  13. Unsilence me
  14. How do I post pictures of avatars that could possibly be put in the game
  15. Making videos over pimd. Would be a little embarrassing fory original content but making another channel is ok
  16. Hello everyone who is a bad cop
  17. Introduce new gift by keeping an Irish penny on a style backpack.Maybe it is liked by all people bcoz they are youth