Introducing PIMD Stories

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  1. Are there any specific guidelines to complete the task?
  2. Is there another thing after 6,000 pies? If not is there a way to stop getting them if you completed? I don't want no more pies.
  3. Lol so many people complain but yet still play if it sucks so much or you hate it so much there is one thing you can do guess what that is....Stop Playingit's a game ppl
  4. No more task after 6k pies. Also you keep getting more pies anyways. Cheers ;)
  5. I didnt get any rewards for the last two stories i completed.
  6. This is actually pretty cool. You thought up a very good one for this game. Way to go PIMD.
  8. I thought you needed 10000 to pass but it's stops @6k
  9. Can this hunt extend one more day? Almost collecting for 6k rasberry pies
  10. Until when can we use the furniture boxes?. Thankyou
  11. You can use furniture boxes for free only for today until 2pm PST. The gold keys will stay for a while
  12. I really need 400 more pies to complete a story that ends in 5hrs I don't see how that is possible after wasting 30ecs I got useless items instead of pies
  13. Most of us in my club enjoy this hunt because of the stories we weren't expecting it's a nice new twist on it the job ATA very well put
  14. No stories it's been 8 mins god dammit we need more
  15. This time gifts was quite good and it's was easy for me to get too I loved it
  16. Tbh I kind of loved this lol
  17. Can we have another story or hunt already pleaseeeee??????
  18. I've got a fever. And the only prescription, is more stories........