Introducing PIMD Stories

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  1. It's kinda cool, but I loved when you showed the avitars and stat items, that way we could see a goal and the stats of the Avis on the pies and stuff. Needs tweaking imo
  2. I keep on only getting 5 trumprints from a cat café I want my 20 plz and I did 5 cat cafes
  3. I think happened to me also but I completed it so I'm not complaining
  4. I dont think i like the stories anymore.... Bring back the regular events. I can see that a problem with these stories is there's no way to make them fair for all players. With regular events, there are tiers for different reward levels but with this, the story is the same for all players and thats not fair to smaller players. When i first got the story for 6000 pies, i already knew it be impossible but my stat level cabt that many drops in 4 days, maybe unless i did b2b flash cat cafes. Then i would no time to sleep. PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS.

    Include the reward tier system in stories by starting with low goals that the small players can achieve, like 500 pies, and then continuing to 6,000 for the big players.
  5. What was the item for the computer parts story?
  6. They screwed up on the numbers all around.
    Drop rates too low for computer parts.
    Fingerprint requirements too high/drops too low.
    Pie requirements too high/drops too low.
    Combine that with extremely short timers and you get this mess.

    Sorry but sleep is a thing and not everyone plays pimd 24/7.
    Thanks for trying I guess.
  7. Finally something new. This is fun. Good job on this one ATA
  8. good work ata u had make it like the sub hunt as in smash monsters cool.
  9. I like the stories but the drop rate sucks. My main who is 16+MCs can't even complete the day events of the story.
  10. Please let the last potd be easy like counter culture 
  11. This is precisely how it works! The Story you received from Zander is nearly identical to an Event's fixed tiers. The 6000 Raspberry Pies Story was just an additional challenge, and though it may seem daunting at first, you could supplement your pies with Hacker Boxes and the other Quinn Stories.
  12. The 24 one was really unfair to complete 4 out of 5? Nah that one should have been at least two days with a higher rate
  13. Okay so let me get this straight, you need to complete stories in the time frame or else you will not get new stories? So if you happen to work a busy day and find that Oh whoops you didn't meet the requirements then just no more stories for you at all?
  14. i'm sick and tired of restarting app all day long to see new stories or see rewards finally in my showcase. And yes i updated. Again
  16. Nopes. Even if u fail to complete one story, you will receive a new one.
  17. told me I failed the computer parts story but I got all the parts what happened?
  18. Ata gets 5* from me now, thank you for getting something so right for a change. Please make it last
  20. Really enjoying this new style of hunt. Please continue this way of hunts.