Introducing Daily Sales!

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  1. :( I don't buy the sales at all and if you don't buy them you will get the same ones again such as dn,ec. My friends who spend money on the sales they get better offers
  2. U no pay u no buy
  3. no daily sales
  4. All the offers are good in the sense they all save money versus the regular prices. Just depends which sale you need. I've bought all at one point or another
  5. Okay, but wtf is that little red gift box looking thing with the bento themed daily deal?
  6. it's a box full of maeve/alf bento items
  7. This is almost 4 years old. 🤭 Damn, I feel old.
  8. You’re my BESTIEEEEE tho
  9. Discounted store items that need cc irl money
  10. FYI it needs sinner token and we can't spin everyday unless you watch ads or send 4-5 hrs in the game daily 😂 it isn't a gift
  11. :) Agree
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  12. Waiting something with kini and cat together ❤️❤️❤️