Introducing Daily Sales!

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  1. I think you should be able to pick a sale pack each day to see. Have an option to see a $5, $10, $20 ,$50, $75, or $100 pack then you would have a higher chance of getting sales because each day people would see more choices based on what they could afford. Throwing care pack notices in the packages would help add value to players increasing sales too in my opinion.
  2. I don't buy then all ways get the $150 ones and stuff spending that need a choice
  3. Considering how you guys increase the price each time this "sale" doesn't feel like a sale. The $5 one I received was good even the $20 one was a good one but to jump straight to $100 and constantly keep giving me those "sales" is bogus. I agree with the other players give us a choice of which sale to buy or receive Let us choose a price range don't force it on us.
  4. Get this crap off my profile everytime i sign in.
  5. support coz pickles is bae
  6. Maybe a speaker package too lmao
  7. I must agree with them I have gotten the 99.99 sale everyday for the past week and I'm not spending that muchno matter how many times you annoy me with it
  8. I can not get my account to purchase anything like doc notes and extra credits. I hit purchase and nothing happens. Helppppppp
  9. for any issue email, include your username, game you play, and the issue.
    remember, send one message and wait dont spam
  10. Can you offer $19.99 sale back? :3
  11. No support
  12. I want $500 - $1k deal in 2016

  14. Pimd wy don't get this. Every two hrs in many ppl can buy more 
  15. Wait so ... can we have a sale of the sale??? :? :lol:
  16. Yes, they're sometimes discounted store items... although some of the 20$ sales aren't exactly a "catch". It's more of a "catfish".

  17. What ???? I hate these sales !!!!
  18. Support