Introducing Daily Sales!

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  1. Id love to see sales on old items too, I wouldn't mind sales for items like Pumpkin ale, squash, different eggs like the violet, blue and etc. Maybe you can even create an "Avatar of the week" where each week is a new avatar for sale or a returning avatar, just some suggestions to spice this new feature up abit ?
  2. bump
  3. Soooooo do the deals ever change? I keep getting the same 3 all the time
  4. It's a brilliant idea Kun. ATA please do consider this
  5. I know which bundle I want, the waiting game is on!
  7. It is not daily. I don't get offers everyday ?
  8. I have been getting the same two sales since BoS... $99.99 for dn and ec... Guess this helps me save money as I'm not spending that lol.
  9. OHH DIFFERENT SALE TODAY!.... 10 cats, 500 ec, 5000 tokens, 56 dn... $99.99.....
  10. Still haven't updated pimd ?
  11. say no to update
  12. after uninstalking an reinstaling i just have to say ? i aint clicking that smiley face ata no smiley faces ?
  13. After i bought 1 sale ata only offers me $99.99 sales but my alt gets good ones still. What's up with that ata?
  14. ^ Dayummm wat offer is that? :lol:
  15. Geez that offer...
  16. I get up at 4am and log in to unload before I go to work... there's no way I'm buying a sale item between 4-4:30 am also I've seen someone get the sale option of $50 usd for 1000ec while I get 350 ec for $20 I understand they "vary" but really that's just wrong someone gets a deal that's way better than what anyone else gets #bringbackoldlayout #morepvplikekaw
  17. Yep, me too. Bought 1 and have only gotten $99 ones since. No thanks.
  18. Same here. They change to different offers but same 99.99 price. I ain't ever spending that much at once. Sucks
  19. I will do $100 monthly starting next month if the packages are good enough.
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