Introducing Daily Sales!

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  1. Same daily sale again.. Pimd please explain why I am getting the same daily sale for now 4 days in a row...
  2. for any issue email, include your username, game you play, and issue.
    send only one message don't spam, and give them enough time to answer
  3. I want ecs , not DNS 
  4. I've been getting the same freakin sale for the past couple days.. Make it stop ? I want different ones. I'm not spending $99.99 all at once. So give me different sales! ?
  5. I've been getting that too! So annoying ?
  6. I see the same 3 sales rotating on all my accs what other sales are there? am I suppose to spend $5 to see newer sales?
  7. :lol:
  8. How about rotating the sales values around ATA. I've bought the 2 lower level sales so now you will only show me $100 sales until I buy on?

    Please take a hint. I'm not buying the expensive sale but MAY be tempted at lower levels...
  10. Lol such a n00b double posting
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  11. Introducing DAILY FAILS 
  12. Same. But instead mine are $20 :?
  13. Uhhhh... I guess they put monthly one..
  14. Exectly what I was thinking! My screen is quite small as it is...there pushing it lol!
  15. best one 
  16. These sales are messing up my videos. I either get the sales or the videos, never both. Could you just put them with the nurse where we buy the stuff?
  17. Go away pimd. Who even are you??
  18. Can I have an update when you plan to give us free stuff rather than ask us to spend?
    Just few examples I'm sure a very large part of the community would like to see happening:
    Hypnocats dropping from parties at a non ridiculous rates (the one you apply)
    Bikinis dropping from parties (see above)
    EC dropping from parties
    Doctor Notes dropping from parties
    Un-rig the spinner (meaning cats and bikinis CAN BE actually won by everyone, not like now where only noobs win them in the 90% of the cases)
    Stop hunts and invent something more entertaining, don't ask me what, you aren't paying me to do your job.
    These are just few little suggestions which I know, like you always do, you won't listen to, but hey often thick people need to be told same things several times.
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  19. I'm with u kun. Do something. Reward the ones who play. And don't get me wrong but I spend. And I don't see me buying ur 99.99 packs when 1 the time is always random and 2 ugh isn't worth it.