NEW FEATURE Introducing: Club XCs!

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  1. Money doesn’t account for this. The eggs you open from boxes DONT count. It’s one you earn from parties.
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  2. Meaning, I like this feature....
  3. I've never heard 'ship' used in that context before :0
  4. Idk, Gen Z-ers were using it. Really it's when you "ship" a couple's relationship, but I ship this feature instead 🤤 lol
  5. Yeah the first part is the only part I've heard it used for. Because it's short for relationship
  6. Yeah, these are fun. Please keep them coming, it was a great idea. The rewards are good, we get people more engaged into participating/staying at nice clubs. Everyone can participate regardless of stats or spending.

    People who prefer to hop: you're making a choice, if you think hopping is better for you go ahead and skip this feature. Can't have everything. 🤷🏻‍♀️ (But even people in flashes should be able to collect at least one tier depending on how many people are flashing and how many parties).
  7. You can't hit anyone without making them hate you. I fail to see how any of PvP is fun at all.
  8. What does this have to do with this thread
  9. You don’t necessarily have to go ahead and hit everyone you see in pub/campus. It’s also possible to find pvp partners, or hit inactives, and avoid the “hate”🙊🌸
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  10. Okay so I love the new XC....still hate spotlight, still want the party hard and box opening back....thank u