Integrated Item Guide *MORE ACCURATE*

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  1. Thanks for the old item guide but I noticed problems in the item guide.

    NOTE THIS IS NOT EXACT. It depends on what it looks like, the time, but this is more accurate than the other item guide

    FURNI PRICES (during early half of current hunt):
    Bed: 3-5 bentos
    Shelf Items: 20 chibis to 1 bento
    Branch/Plant: 20 chibis to 1 bento
    Shelf: 3 bentos
    Desk: 4-6 bentos
    Plant hanger (above plant): 20 chibis
    Poster: 5 -10chibis
    Wall: 5-10 chibis
    Bedside shelf: 20 chibis
    Rug: 2 bentos
    Chair: 1 bento (+ chibis sometimes)
    Flooring: 5-10 chibis
    Bedside table: 15-20 chibis
    Bedside lamp: 15 chibis
    499ec: 9-13 bentos
    999ec: 12-50 bentos (It ranges!)

    FURNI PRICES (after hunt or near end):
    Bed: 1-2 bentos
    Shelf Items: 7 chibis -10 chibis
    Branch: 7 - 10 chibis
    Shelf: 2 bentos
    Desk: 3-4 bentos
    Plant hanger (wall furni next to 999ec): 5-10 chibis
    Poster: 1-3 chibis
    Wall: 1-3 chibis
    Bedside shelf: 5-10 chibis
    Rug: 20 chibis - 1 bento
    Chair: 10 chibis - 1 bento
    Flooring: 1-3 chibis
    Bedside table: 5-10 chibis
    Bedside lamp: 4-10 chibis
    499ec: 5-12 bentos
    999ec: 10-80 bentos (this honestly depends on rarity and detail Ask me in - game if you wanna know)

    Heart Drive: 12-15bentos
    Ovo Cake: ~8 bentos
    Frida: ~10 bentos (I'm not sure to be honest)
    Ugly Squash: ~50 bentos
    Holo: 120 bentos
    Bacon Towel: 12-15 bentos
  2. Who bought a 999ec item for 40-45 bento?
  3. Bed is more costly compared to desk actually.. it's always like that...bed goes like 5-7bentos and desk goes like 4-5bentos.
  4. Hi fam, I did
  5. Not true... even now paschal bundesk still worth 10 bentos. And bed worth around 6
  6. Greek bed is still going for 4 bentos
  7. Nah, only 3 when lucky.
  8. Lol no If you watch wc and read the furniture thread they're being sold for 4 bentos. No less trust me I've been looking
  9. Instead of just telling cable so he can have a mod update it, you go and make another one

    Nerds and their item prices
  10. *Only when lucky* Are you telling the common sales or *only when lucky* items?? because i'll get free bed only if i lucky :(
  11. :lol:
  12. i was offered greek desk for 5 bentos just coz you can't find a cheaper offer doesn't mean that it doesn't exist..smh*
  13. Sheep will be sheep
  14. Ps I enjoy watching people copy or redo my threads ie "furniture buy sell" " price guide" and my gambling threads ... maybe you should think up your own ideas lol
  15. lol 45 bento for 999 ec ? its a scam, more like max 20 bento
  16. ? :lol:
  17. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  18. According to op wall giving someone a low price is considered scamming lol... op you dumb af lol
  19. LOL ! It ain't scamming it's just low. But people gotta hussle ??‍♀️
  20. are you jealous or what?