LIMITED-TIME CONTENT Inking you in for April

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  1. There are plenty of natural hair colored avis - and as someone who have pitch black hair that took me 1.5 years, 5 bleaches over those years and spending $1200 on that to be able to dye it pastel pink and purple - I can appreciate that my avis can rock some "unnatural" hair colors :)
  2. Finally some totally cool monthly Avis 🥴💜
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  3. Hm is this hunt rug cost pls
  4. 1🍱
  5. No one’s saying you “can’t” say your opinion. We’re just saying that there are better ways to give criticism to artists than “OMG WHY” 😗

    Dyed hair is pretty common. I’ve had neon and bright hair plenty, along with many others. I understanding wanting your own hair color or w/e, but rather than getting mad, give the artists a proper explanation so they can grow from that. I myself have struggled with it in the past, but as an artist myself, we don’t really care about what ppl have to say if they’re just going to throw a fit instead of give actual pointers. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. Okay can someone please explain how to get the coins i am so confused but want the avi so bad :(
  7. Buy them in the Molly's Corner section of the Shop or you can win them via April Timer boxes.
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  8. Some of y’all do not pass the vibe check. The same people complaining about how “ugly” avatars are also seem to be the ones who cry when devs don’t directly respond to you in WC. but not my business. 🙆🏻‍♀️
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  10. Wish the Avis were available for purchase with ecs 😔
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  12. The avatars created on this game are very inaccurate to the real world. I’m currently at uni and no one dresses like this irl. It’s pretty annoying, ngl, but we have 40 year olds running the app. What do you except? 😂 They’re unfamiliar with what’s trendy and what’s not.
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  13. Because we’re the consumers. We’re the reason why this game is still running 😂 They’re lazy and unwilling to take criticism 🤷‍♀️👊
  14. That's like saying a restaurant worker who refuses to serve you because you're throwing a fit is also lazy and unwilling to take criticism when in reality they just shouldn't have to put up with that kind of crap for the service they provide.

    Also, there's this lovely thing called "constructive criticism," which is not what OP was engaging in. If you had looked at the post I'd made right after the one you quoted, I gave a civil way to offer opinions without looking like a spoiled brat. ATA can't please everyone, after all, so yes, that constructive criticism is needed to understand what the consumers want.

    But you also forget the fact that there are still people on this game willing to shell out hundreds and thousands whether they actually like the content or not so, I mean, this girl throwing a fit and screaming is not gonna hurt ATA's income 😂

    I can't tell if you're a really old stuck up Karen or a really young spoiled brat though 😂
  15. Oh, damn, you're a young Karen 🤣
  16. Imagine thinking your experiences are the only one in this world. The people you have seen throughout your life is just a small unreliable sample of the people in this world lol... furthermore, I personally know people with hair dyed like the 62 girl avi. So🙅‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤚
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  18. why do you guys want your avatars to portray your real personal life so badly? who would actually want an avi that looks like your average everyday college/uni student? like actually ... There are avatars with animal features. there are even demon/ghost avatars. there are even mermaid avatars. Heck even fairy avatars. I’m pretty sure no one goes out dressing like those things yet those avatars tend to be the most favoured. Having unrealistic avi’s wasnt the issue at all, my issue with the avatar was the weird hair colour, having dyed hair for an avi isnt a bad thing ... if it looks right. these ones do not imo.
  19. That gif 💛
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  20. Lmao learn the definition of Karen before using it. I’m far from a Karen BAHAHA. These avas are just ugly.
    All avatars have to be mermaids, dudes with horns and naked chicks with no clothes. Can’t we have normal event avas? 😂 istg it’s annoying. Maybe some cute 90s clothing 👀