I'm sorry I guess

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  1. If you don't know who I am then you don't have to read this.

    Trigger Warning

    I left about a month ago for mental health reasons. A few days after the 4th of July I did something that I regret. I was desperate to stop feeling the way I was feeling.

    After a month of rehabilitation, I decided to come back and see my friends, but I only found out that someone has taken my account. I didn't give anyone the information so idk.

    But I'm sorry if they caused any harm. There is really nothing I can do. Again... I'm so so sorry for the things that this person did.

    If you wanna talk, just add me. No need to be hateful. I'm probably going to be slow answering messages.

    - June 🐸
  2. I crap ton of people have been calling me a scammer .. I haven't been on to be a scammer... Just wanted to clean my name
  3. I mean if you aren’t a scammer then don’t worry.
  4. I just don't like the thought of people thinking I did these things, but I understand where you're coming from
  5. If someone has your acc and you didnt give out the login info send a help ticket ata can look at the ips and find who took it and get your acc back for you. It wont be a quick thing tho
  6. i dont forgive you cuz apology thread 😌
  7. if anyone gets triggered by this sappy ass "poor me" post, they really need to get mass amounts of help ffs 🤦‍♂️
  8. “Sorry that was my brother/sister who said that exactly 2 moments ago” feels
  9. Highkey.