Im so alone

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  1. Shadow... Is a name from sonic. And I also fell in love with.
    Along with silver and espio.
  2. Sonicx is my favorite cartoon animae. I love shadow,silver,knuckles and espio!
  3. My fav is tails
  4. It's gd  well done
  5. Knuckles is my hero! 
  6. [​IMG]
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    FanFic News
  7. Is Robot google lonely? Why is the robot viewing long lost threads
  8. I’m baby
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  9. Seriously tho, most of the people in this thread have retired and died
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  10. And even more seriously. OP name is I love jailbait. They probably got farmed off the game

  11. I’m lost, hold me :c
  12. **holds**
  13. Considering this is from 2011, I think JB is more on par with Justin Bieber.
  14. Oh yeah...
    I always pick the dirtier acronyms
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  15. When are you gona do what most people have done in this thread? Maybe Wednesday can answer my question
  16. "Im sitting here looking at myself in the mirror i say "whos this ugly gurl" i never notived i pretty i was but im
    So alone no friends ni boyfriend nothing" lmaoo i'm laughing my ass off at @trendsettig pathetic cry for help... is it cause @Manic doesn't want to date you? @[ATA]Grant