Im so alone

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  1. Im sitting here looking at myself in the mirror i say "whos this ugly gurl" i never notived i pretty i was but im
    So alone no friends ni boyfriend nothing...Still looking at myself i feel soo disgusted i say.i say to my self "im a failure an i should end my self" i grab my stuffed bear i've had that stuffed bear forever he is my only friend i have im in highschool but he is my only friend...i say to myself nobody likes me nobody...i grab scissors and i start cutting myself i stop and get up and look at my self again i say "This is no true beuty nobody will ever love me" I say agin Cody Elizabeth Wilson a failure like my drunk mother said she got me here im alone i cut myself and i should die...the next die at school i go to the bathroom and begin to cut myself again this gurl alan came up to me and grabbed the sciasors from me and asked what i was doing i replies"be alone like always" she then walked away i look at myself then i punch my face and then i walk home...i never mentioned i have another frien his name is shadow and he always is there he understands..5 minutes later shadow climbs thru my window and sees me cutting mysekf tears dwell up in his eyes and he grabs the scissors and throws them and holds me in his arms.Shawdow said he never wants to loose me i looke at him and i say "Shawdow i shouldnt be here" he then sang to me "Made a wrong turn once or twice dug my way out blood an fire bad decisions thats all right welcome to my silly life mistreated misplaved misunderstood miss no way its all good it never slowed me down pretty pretty please dont u ever ever feel like you love them because your perfect if u ever ever feel like you nothing you are perfect to me" i dident smile it was deep but i still was alone after Shadow left i thought but then new if i was gone the world would be better i then grab a rope from my room and hang myself to my closet and die slowly shadow came back over and found me he cried and got my body down and he cried and cried he knew he needed to b with her so he stabbed himself in the heart......

    Tell me if it was good and i should continue
  2. I would really do it plz continue
  3. Read The final breath and comment pls. I don't wanna advertise here but in order
    2 raise awareness I will
  4. Shadow lived a bit linger and was rushed to the hospital they also rushed me...i dident make it but he did he was really upset his bestfriend killed herself he kmew he should have done something he thought she was beutiful and perfect in everyway...Shawdow thought it was hos fault because he left then he lost her...late that day shawdo came home from the hospital and went to the piano and wrote a song and called it "Cody's Lullaby" Cody appeared to him shadow looked shock and said "Hello?" Cody replied "shawdow this song is beutiful u never told me u had this sorry i left you" shawdow still shocked he studders "cody ur here your a ghost my oh my i still can't beilieve you left me" cody replied "shadow they love me here and my life is better" shawdow said i miss u cody and ill be theor soon he them started playong codys lulaby and cried in scilence.....
  5. Beautiful Cody the best please continue if you wanna
  6. It's great and touching I agree w/shadow
  7. Shadow continued seeing Cody he cried everytime he playes "Cody's Lullaby" for her all he wanted was his bestfriend to be back this made him think how much he wanted to see her again hug her and have the best of times with her he thought if he killed hilsef they could be bestfriends again Shadow played "Cody's Lullaby" one last timed and cried he said i love u to the world and hung himself the same way she died....
  9. Shadow then made it to cody,Cody then sees him and runs to him and gives him a hug looks at him and says "you killed yourself for.....Me?" he replied " Cody yes your my bestfriend and i wouldnt live anither day without you" Cody begins to tear up and sings Cody's lullaby....
  10. Absolutely brilliant I give it 
  11. They then live on there Ghostly lives they always sing codys Lullaby everynight they laugh play and cry most importantly there friendship is back....
  12. Bravo bravo Congrats 2 the accomplished author
  13. Thank u bery much
  14. This was just a lil storry i dont want it going anywere just here thnxs
  15. Thia story was about a gurl alone wit her bestfriend shadow