I'm just bored

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  1. Why them so pixelated
  2. please post in the right section next time, try “Off Topic”
  3. That’s it? That’s the post?
  4. wot do you mean? This is poetry. This is super poetic.

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  5. Hmm, I like what you did with the colors, very creative. Separating one yellow from the other yellows and putting it beside the purple one, and having a green one in the middle really goes well with the colors beside it. Its genius 🤯
  6. No its bad coz the order is wrong
  7. Hi just bored. I'm ariel
  8. Sigh. man. I feel you. wen I'm board I turn off the lights, whip out a bottle of the cheapest liquor out there and start contemplating my darkest break up back in 1905. I blame it on her but deep down I know it's my fault, and because I couldn't take accountability I lost her, that's what pride does to you bro, it focks you up, we woulda been married and shyt but I was too immature, I couldn't handle the responsibility, doe in defense I wasnt too happy about a shotgun wedding, but anyways. I ran bruh. I ran and never looked back, and now I'm here. Alone, broke and filled with regret, bruther. Like I'm staring out at the rain with a heavy heart, Its the end of the world in my mind, then your voice pulls me back like a wake-up call, I've been looking for the answer, somewhere, I couldn't see that it was right there, But now I know, what I didn't know, and ye those totally aren't Jesse McCartney lyrics right there bruh, but yeh bruh don't be liek me, be totally liek better. Moral of de storiiii