Ill be possible trade avatars?

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Pro or not ?

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  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. I speak for the players and the players say no
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  2. Ata has a version of this with the shards if you've been around for those. It's more like build an avi tho and you can only trade them while they continue to be shards, as soon as it upgrades to an avi they're no longer tradeable.
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  3. Some do sure. But most relize how fuckn stupid this idea is. And this is atas game if they dont want something in their game they wont add it in. You have seen proof of THEM THENSELF saying NO. So stop thinking you can force them to change their game for thr minority. Even if avis WERE tradeable you noobs still wouldnt be able to afford the mass amount of bentos it woild cost for the avis you want so you still dont get it. Either way you lose out. So just stop
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  4. Again, this won't happen and proof of it was provided by other players. Please respect that ATA won't do it and move on. Come with other fresh, enlightening ideas instead of getting stuck on the same impossible ones 🙌😊

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