I need your help

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  1. Last year I bought a pc worth around 1k and I really have not used it which is a waste of money so I know y'all have pcs so what can I use mines for? Gimme ideas dudes and dudettes
  2. I love my Xbox, but I’ve heard good things about PC gaming. If you already have the PC, probably worth a try
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  3. If you are prepared to have no life then you can try out world of warcraft. Its the most addictive game in the world. League of legends is the free version of it but ive never played that so cant say what its like.

    Also download steam theres a fuck ton of games on there and even loads of free ones.
    If you want ideas on games to play look on youtube. Write 1 thing you are interested then write games after it. Might find some pc games from that then you can watch someone else play it and see if it looks any good before buying it yourself
  4. Only things ik a pc is good for id gaming, making videos, producing music or school or work stuff. Apple has better software for producing music but windows is good for everything else. Idk wtf lumix has tho coz i didnt know it was a thing that existed till a few years ago
  5. I agree on the steam idea, tons of games if your into that thing ,forums and more.
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  6. Old School Runescape
  7. Tbh i was gonna suggest this to but its a mega grindy game snd not everyone is into that kinda stuff. I suggest a low population server if going on it tho otherwise you wont get anything done coz of the amount of hackers on the game