Hurricane Irene???

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by *FashionablyOnTime (01), Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Is it gonna be super badzz
  2. I think it passed
  3. It did i thot is was coming
  4. People watch The news is three for a reason. And it hasnt passed 
  5. People in NC watch out!!
  6. Yeah NC to NY are expected to get it
  7. I'm in NC!

    I'm excited for it.
  8. Bunanza are you nuts it might turn into a category 4
  9. Chill :D that's what I'm doing
  10. I'm in Nj we are expected to have it...
  11. Bun is nuts 
    Cali baby!
    We don't get crazy hurricanes
  12. Welding to new England man, where the weather is rough, but the people are twice as tough.
  13. Lol Cali may not get hurricanes but y'all do get earth quakes 
  14. its supposed to hit nh with the eye like 30 miles away from where i live
  15. I'm in NY and we almost had to evacuate cause we are at the coast... There's still a possibility that we might hav to
  16. Just be sure your bathing suit is fashionable - I hear Irene is a real snob.