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  1. Farm. Bales of hay, cows, ducks, grain bin bookcase or 999, corn stalks for plants, apple trees, tractor, etc. It would be soooo cute.
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  2. Hi my stupid little brother came in my iPhone when I was in the bathroom and got me blocked on here for a month how can I talk to a mod about it
  3. Mods cant do anything about it. Best you can do it send a help ticket. But dont expect anything from it coz theres nothing you can do to prove if your story is real or if you just trying to get out of it. Especially when that excuse is used ALOT here.

    But it also means you have been previously silenced 2 other times within the last month. So its on you. Learn not to say stupid shit and learn the rules of the game to avoid further silences
  4. Careers please!
    Police Officers
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  5. Link of the original message

    You told me about runway fashion, I was wondering if you were relating to this idea @Megasaurus . Since this is a suggestion page which you or other can elaborate on ideas. 😄
  6. Five Nights at Freddy’s movie is coming out in October. What about a FNAF themed hunt? Could have ghostly versions of the Avis with the ghosts of the children sitting on the shoulders of the animatronic animals? Stats could be pizzeria themed
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  7. 🖤🧡 I had an idea for a Hunt Theme, Halloween Carn-Evil! 🧡🖤

    (A Spooky Halloween Carnival sure to bring out anyone’s Halloween Spirit.)

    Main Drops could be Prize Tickets with PIMD Bat Logo and Side Drops could be Haunted Selfies, Hunt Boxes could be a Halloween Souvenir Shop Bag, Cute Spooky Clown Avis or Cute Avis like the Prismeyland ones but with Halloween Balloons and Bat Headbands, femme with a Pumpkin Purse with a Cute Black Dress and Boots (VIP with hair to match the Purse color) 🥺One holding a Halloween backpack Similar to a Loungefly.

    Stats Include: Carn-Evil Flyer, Spooky Spiced Latte, Caramel Corn, Pumpkin Truffles, T-Shirt with Carn-Evil Logo, Souvenir Cup, Carnival Map, Ghost Themed Camera, Light Up Neon Pumpkin Wand, Pumpkin Funnel Fries, a Bunch of Halloween Themed Balloons, Carn-Evil Coins for game slots, Stuffed Bat or Ghost Plushie as a Prize (Why not both?) Poisoned Cotton Candy, Spooky Shaved Ice.

    Carnival Themed Dorm Similar to the one before but make it Dark, Game Booth 999,
    499 as a big ghost or pumpkin prize, Psychic Caravan as the Bed Item, you all do vehicles you can do this and it will be amazing, Shelves can be rows of Prizes, these possibilities are really endless.

    If you read this to the end thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts and if you like or maybe love my idea please let ATA know we would love this. 🫶🏼
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  8. Id say its very likely this will happen. Coz you actul gave a actul idea of stuff. Not just like. Do helloween. And leave it at that
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  9. Not this year though because it’s already so close to Halloween. Maybe next year. They usually have their hunts planned far in advance
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  10. skateboarding. anything skateboard. Need more skateboard misc 🥺
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  11. Last skate hunt was a few years ago. Would be cool to see more
  12. I dont want the new layout of the leaderboard..i got the boy avi in the first avi box,next avi box i got the vip boy..unlike before i can get another chance to get my true gender avi..pls get it back like before,.u just make it harder for everyone to get the chance to have avis..hunt avi boxes is just our bonus from super expensive avis..and u make it harder for newbies too
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  13. yes!!! we need this
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  14. How you getting leaderboard prizes before hunt is over? Stop hacking the game then complaining about it
  15. Yes absolutely, let’s hope for next Halloween 🖤🎃
  16. I would die for a Scream Hunt or Even Texas Chainsaw Massacre omg 🥹🖤
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  17. Is the current story pass related to this idea “Norse God”?

    Maybe those avatar in the story pass could potential fit?
  18. Chinese hunt. Like Chinese New Year or normal Chinese hunt 🫶🏼🐼
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  19. I would love a old money style hunt.🍸👛💳
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  20. Since I posted this on monthly thread, I should post it here too.

    When end of hunt surveys come out, you should include a question about what type of stat items we'd like to see.
    "With Halloween around the corner, what would be some stats that you'd love if they could be included?"
    Answer could vary like killer clown or werewolf paw print.