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  1. hello everyone 😊

    i was talking with ata and they suggested me to write it here so others can read my idea for some of next hunts in the future as well 🤭

    here's my idea:

    as i noticed we never had LOTR or The Hobbit hunts before so here's my suggestion:

    main story drop: Narsîl and avis could be Aragorn and Arwen

    1st side story: ring of power; avi Sauron (male and female) holding the one ring

    2nd side story: Lembas bread or anything else that remains on Elves: avis – Elrond, Galadriel, Thranduil, Legolas etc..

    3rd side story it can be something about the eagles Torondir and Gwaihir and avis can be represented as someone who has eagles on shoulder or holding them on hand 🤭

    and finally leaderboard avis: wizards – Gandalf, Radagast or Saruman 🤭

    i would like to hear you opinions, do you like this idea for some of future hunts, do you have any other suggestion or something else, im willing to hear 🥰❤
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  2. a kpop hunt would be good and its been a long time since they've done it. I recommend an event that is inspired by streaming/voting culture of kpop stans. there would be different pairs of kpop avis and and players would choose their "bias" avis to win a competition (award show). they have to vote or do an action that will count as a vote in order to win. at the end of the event, everyone who participated will get the basic avi they chose while the winning players will receive the basic and vip/rare version of the avi of their choice and an exclusive showcase item/s, party drop, or an exclusive furniture. the avis wont be much of a difficulty since there's a lot of kpop concepts to draw from.
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  3. dead by daylight or until dawn killer avis for Halloween hunt
  4. Bumping old threads af
  5. I am just wondering if we can have an Egyptian Hunt, I have a few ideas for the furniture like the 999 can be a view of the pyramid, sphinx or even a Tutankhamun Statue then the walls are Egyptian hieroglyphs, the bed could be an Egyptian Mummy's Coffin, the 499 could be a small pyramid or sphinx. I have a lot more ideas & can visualise it in my head. This hunt would be amazing!
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  6. We should do a Kpop hunt but I think they already did that so maybe a mystery hunt where tess goes missing or sum and they need help finding her like a case or something lol I idk or an African princess theme type thing ✨
  7. Totally 💜🖤💕
  8. So I have sent a few tickets to Ata about hunt themes but they always tell me to post in forum. They don't really want the ideas sent in a ticket because they want to see if anyone else likes the themes that are suggested.
    So here are a few suggestions that I think might be fun.

    1. Stranger Things
    2. The Umbrella Academy
    3. Winnie the Pooh (especially during mental health awareness month)

    Let me or Ata know if you like these. I think they would be fun and different from what we have seen lately. Thanks 💜
  9. Please do a stormchasers or disaster hunt like tornados, volcano eruptions, just something with nature disaster.

    PLEASE do a resident evil or Saw relates pvp hunt.. we havn’t had a pvp hunt in ages. I have so many ideas for both hunts and i can already draw and see what the dorm abd avis would look like..
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  10. SHARK WERK HUNT!! Or at least more shark misc or a spinner or somethinggggg
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  11. Remake the anime hunt but with better avis and furniture (besides the 999ec) That is all.
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  12. I would love a farm themed hunt no not pvp like farm animals I NEED a cow themed female advi and more farm animal stats and just a farm themed dorm room 🤩
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  13. another kpop themed hunt wouldn’t be so bad 🥹
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  14. Make a goddamn Balkan hunt already. You've already made American (Canadian mix) hunt, Asian hunt, Australian hunt, African hunt, even Native american hunt and a goddamn British hunt but you ignore the Slavic people when they have a rich culture and folklore. Another idea is for Scandinavian/viking hunt. 😮‍💨
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  15. Beetlejuice Hunt with Beetlejuice and Lydia Hunt Story Avis, Then Barbara and Adam as Ghosts for LB “No Feet Avis 😉” 🖤🪲 Art themed room with all of Delia’s art! “Draw a Door” 999 and the Town Model 499 Please call it Strange and Unusual. Hunt Items could be the Handbook, Lydia’s Camera, Beetlejuice flyer with the Ad, Lydia’s Vale and Hat, Shrunken Head, Sandworm, Beetle Backpack, you guys are good at this you know what you are doing, I know you got ideas. 🖤
    Tysm that is all.
  16. You guys do amazing job when you do a Tim Burton hunt theme . I really want to see a Beetlejuice hunt .
  17. I would be so happy if we could get avis from the game The Quarry. Don’t want it to be hunt I want them to be like monthly avis or in event shop for shards.
  18. in terms of wedding as a hunt
    A bit late but seem it goes with your idea 😊

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  19. A 420 Friendly hunt would be awesome! I know a lot of people on here who would love to see that come as well!🌿💨🙌🏻
  20. Anyone else think that the next hunt should be Nightmare Before Christmas themed??

    The 999 would be Jack Skellington as the pumpkin King

    The 499 would be a chihuahua dressed in a zero costume on a Jack skellington pet bed?

    the plant would be Oogie Boogie

    the shelves would have the masks of each of the three kids

    the desk would have Sally’s deadly nightshade and other potions

    the bed would be a couch with Jack and sally pillows

    the avatars would be people cosplaying as Jack and sally! Or other characters of the movie!!