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  1. I think they did one a long time ago, there are some furnis and old stat items floating around if you ask.
  2. Bf is gonna be Paris themed guys. We did it🥳😂😂
  3. How do we know?
  4. Google play preview
  5. Still hoping
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  6. Does anyone have the spoiler photos?
  7. Oh only cause it wasn’t posted on the other thread :(
  8. No French army now...
  9. We’ve already had Hades as an avi (Story Pass)
  10. Let’s change it up, and you have me...instead of Star Trek, let that be Star Wars, there’s already an “Admiral”
  11. Yes yes yes!!! STAR WARSSSSSSSS they missed their chance las year...but they have a new chance with S2 of Mando.
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  12. I really want an extraterrestrial hunt 😔
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  13. Graduation day hunt/avis

    or like maybe two unlockable graduation themed avis when a player gets the 4 or 5 years achievement 🎓
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  14. Thes is good
  15. We did it 😔💓
  16. A few hunt themes in mind I would like to participate in... Egyptian, Alien/Sci-fi, Monopoly Game (PvP Related), Bleach (Anime)
    I could get into details if anyone is intrigued with these ideas 🥸
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  17. So here is my suggestion what could happen is that it's a multi cultural hunt the hunt would consist of different types of vendors from different countries like shop keeps foreign restaurant owners like something Chinese the furniture would be a kind of shop like there could be a set where the bed is the "cash register" the 999 could be a line of people waiting to get in there could be multiple interesting stat items each one is from a different country then there could be like the pride gifts but flags from different countries. This could also be used as a way to maybe introduce a once a year hunt! A one month long hunt where it has a bunch of different activities every week ata could do giveaways for cool new items! This is a huge idea and I hope you guys at ata take a look!
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  18. Definately not 1 month long. Ata has done 3 week hunts before and they were to long. Everyone was over it well before the end came. But would be interesting to see
  19. I absolutely love this idea