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  1. Gimme a french hunt I was born for this, no literally. 🤠 A french army is coming if this doesn't happen
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  2. I don't know if there has been one before, since I've only been here a few months but...a Military Hunt would be great. Have avis from all the different branches.
  3. Oh and to add onto this, it doesn't even have to be American since every country has their own military. Maybe one Avi to represent a different country and their military. Just a thought.
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  4. I would love to see a deep forest hunt could even make it a kind of dark/mysterious forest to go with the new shard avis🏞
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  5. An underworld hunt featuring Hades as an avi.
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  6. Insaneee aslyum
  7. There was already a whole thread about an asylum themed hunt posted not too long ago but yes I agree
  8. Yeah, I know, I supported it over there too. I just reallyyy like that idea now 😅
  9. A Once Upon a Time themed hunt would be super cool. I'd love an Evil Queen/Regina and Emma Swan avi, oooh and Hook/Killian😍 Heck even Rumpelstiltskin and Belle would be cute😱
  10. To add to this! The Egyptian Hunt could also double as a Halloween one, if it’s centered around the first movie from The Mummy trilogy 😎
    (I ignore the Tom Cruise version because... oof)
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  11. This suggestion is kinda the same as what I saw but a bit different

    So the 7 deadly sins hunt, you could also do 7 heavenly virtues.

    I know i'll be hard to add like maybe 14 (f&m) or 7 Avis in or maybe make it a shards? So we could choose? Like the zodiacs and Greek their like 24 Avis

    Or if it is a hunt, make it like maybe sins vs virtue or cut them like 4/3 Avis per hunt so we could get at lease 4 hunt changes for this

    It might get boring but hey I do want to see it
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  12. Ngl I rly rly want an alcohol hunt🙈😂
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  13. I agree, maybe an approach like Padraig which was classy versus good spirits which felt a bit too much (the wp mostly)
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  14. Men in black hunt with aliens and saving the universe

    I really want a pug skin of frank in his little tuxedo
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  15. Avis could hold up memory flash stick pens 😎
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  16. I want a Star Trek hunt. I was never around for the old TV and movie hunts like the Fifth Element, Nightmare Before Christmas, Marvel, DC, Harry Potter, etc...
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  17. Agreed. I can’t recall the last time there was a good sci-fi hunt, and a starship themed hunt would definitely be fun.

    Robot and alien avatars would be cool too, and wouldn’t be much of a stretch since we already have literal demons, monsters, and zombies in the game.
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  18. I would love a goose themed hunt which has avis who carry a goose or furniture based around them. Like a goose 499 or gifts relating to them.

    I think Easter time would be most appropriate for this but I can only hope 🥺
  19. I think a LOTR themed hunt could be adorable and rly fun! collecting rings, maps, lembas bread, etc