Hunt Suggestions ♡

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  1. Panda hunt 🐼
    Also, Moomin hunt but it’s trademarked and guess not so popular in North America?

    Would also love the Jane Austen era themed hunt!

    And lol, someone mentioned that there’s been Harry Potter hunt? I want to study at Hogwarts too 😭

    + support for Star Wars hunt
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  2. 🦄Unicorn Hunt🦄 tyvm🌚🖖🏼or Little Space Hunt
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  3. one of the mods already has a item in the crate that is hello kitty knock off. Maybe they could expand on it? It’s called Hello Zomer. I attached an image link 😇[​IMG]
  4. The link sadly doesn't work but it’s alright I know what you’re talking about.
  5. not sure if this has been suggested before, but a swan lake based hunt maybe?👀
  6. Anything with avatars in pjs. Pjs are so comfy and that’s what my fiancé wore in college so I think avatars in pjs would be a cute idea. Yes I know there are already some in pjs but the ones I’ve seen are from the boxes and I think it would be cool to have a hunt based around pjs and comfortable looking avatars. 💕
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  7. Hide and go seek 🙈
  8. It would be really nice to have a modern japanese minimalism hunt. Muji-inspired, I can’t think of a better example 😅
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  9. And guys here me out...

    S T E A M P U N K
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  10. Yesssss I suggested this too 🥰 This style is really cool
  11. another campy hunt would be amazing 🥺
    or anything fashion related like high fashion or something..
    maybe a euphoria inspired hunt 🤔
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  12. Idk if it's been suggested but i want a ninja hunt, basing generalized outfits of ninjas for the avis or getting some idea from naruto or something, plus shurikens, throwing blades, the head wear thing, nunchucks, katanas, scrolls as stats items
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  13. bump
  14. Hunt based on Umbrella Academy would be chill. :confused:
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  15. sorry if it's been said but not reading 20 pages.
    attack on titan theme
  16. 2 years ago ATA did a hunt with snowball fight in teams it was one of the best Hunts I every took part of. We were put in teams (I think it was randomly) and it was really a lot of fun even as a noobie you could take part just like anyone else. I wish that they would do more of those hunts since it just makes a lot of fun for everyone who is active and I think it would make other ppl stay to play! It was really a great time to be in that hunt but it’s sad to see that PIMD is getting worse when you saw how great it used to be with hunts and avatar bags...

  17. OMG yes the snowball hunt was one of the best pvp hunt ever!!! I agree more hunts should be like that one.
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  18. Perhaps an Egyptian Hunt? Not sure if it’s been suggested, but I’ve seen many Greek and Roman inspired avis but none specifically Egyptian. Queen Nefertiti avi, or classic Cleopatra would be epic!
    To be fair there may have been an Egyptian Hunt really early on, but I could imagine an epic 999 looking out toward the pyramids of Giza, or just the Nile
  19. Doctor Who hunt. Think about it.