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  1. ATA hear me out. Can we please have a mukbang themed hunt. I want all the food misc. Tysfm.
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  2. can we please have a barbie themed hunt with barbie & ken as hunt avis😩
  3. Please do a witch hunt, i need more goth/emo avis and furni
  4. Do a pastel goth hunt. I've met lots of people who agree. I also think it'd be popular. People love the dark hunts and the cutesy hunts- why not combine the two?
  5. I love Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame so I suggest a gypsy hunt cause it looks cool imo ✊😔
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  6. A DDLG hunt would be a nice idea...We've had BDSM so I would love a DDLG one too and I know more ppl would love it too there's tons of littles in the game
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  7. ddlg has highly p*dophelic undertones and sexualizes age regression (which is a coping mechanism for those with trauma) so its a no from me...
    also despite the high population of rpers- this game isnt really like that 👀
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  8. Esmeralda was my childhood fav 🖤😔 support 👏🏼
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  9. need to so your research again and you are really offending me...I'm a little and what you describe has nothing to do with the reality of ddlg...
  10. i apologize if i offended you but age regression and ddlg are different things and from the research i’ve done, people who use age regression to cope find ddlg to be inappropriate and that it sexualizes their way of coping, thats not me saying that, thats what ive been told from people who actually have trauma linked to things such as (tw) childhood sexual assault and things like that
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  11. As someone assaulted as a child, that's basically the shakedown of it for us.
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  12. Angel and Demons hunt theme, i would not sleep and play 24/7 for the avis
    (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ
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  13. Still supporting my Esmeralda/Gypsy hunt suggestion :(
  14. Ooh Angels would be nice as for the Demons eh, we’ve had a lot of those already but so far no Angels yet so that would be cute imo 🤩
  16. honestly I dont think they should do a drag queen hunt because recently they made an avi off of Aquarias mermaid look and gave zero credit or reference to her /: im not sure if its public domain and if it is then ignore this but i can only imagine how many looks they’d take from working queens without proper credit to make a drag queen hunt
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  17. Maybe ..K-Pop hunt
  18. they did a kpop hunt for 2019 New Years :)
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  20. That is not true...Ddlg doesn't have to be sexual...there are littles that are non sexual and some are sexual with their caregivers but that's a personal choice, I am offended when ppl spread wrong definitions for my lifestyle.
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