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  1. We have done Greek gods. What about NORSE GODS!!

    Also, we didnt get a Hecate avi...
  2. I'd like a female avi in a military uniform 🙇🏻‍♀️ or maybe wearing a t-shirt tucked in a camo pants with matching combat boots.
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  3. I would suggest a medical hunt for the medical professionals on here and to support them in helping the sick covid19 patients. Avis could be EMTs(beginning), Nurses(mid), and Doctors(vip/leader) or maybe hazmat gear. With all the furniture being inside a hospital with actual medical equipment as "furniture".
  4. I'd kill for a Nurse avi
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  5. felt this. how about some cdc yellow suit things lol
  6. i wonder if any of this hunt suggestions were made into real hunt by the apes? 🥺 cause y'all got really nice suggestions. it succs they apes just recycle hunts like how many beach hunts we had this year? like its not even summer yet 😒🤷‍♀️
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  7. really hope they have mind enough to NOT do that considering we don’t want to support the military/imperialism... ever 🌚
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  8. Ahh is that a liberal I hear pathetic group of people you are like you obviously have no idea about anything about the world it would be a better place without you
  9. someone photoshop this over a confederate flag background real quick i think that would really pull the vibe together 🤧
  10. yes 🗣
  11. Okay i saw someone post this already but hear me out... we gotta have a covid-19 hunt. Hazmat suit avis or whatever else y’all can help come up with. But we have to collect TP as our main hunt and the side hunts can be hand sanitizers and bleach. We can have it kinda be like the cursed dolls and hit people to gove them “corona” it could be like little bottles so it isnt too offensive and we can collect masks and gloves as “protection” items like the do not disturb signs or they can be like misc. items for the hunt.

    It can be edited to y’alls liking but hey thats just whats goin on in my head🤷🏼‍♀️
  12. .... y’all remember people are actually for real dying right? like maybe in the west we’re not so impacted but are y’all seeing these daily death tolls from italy and southeast asia? i understand not being able to fully grasp the largeness of this but this is an extremely traumatic event for very many people
    also i’m not just @ u love i’m talking to everyone else as well dw ur not the only one
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  13. I agree. Tho maybe the toilet paper gifts, hazmat suit and other medical themed avis could be great, and it's one way to show support to the frontliners. Just not the whole idea of "spreading" virus for a hunt theme imo
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  14. Have we ever done like a rave/edm festival theme? With avis all dressed up in bright clothes or DJ’s like marshmello or ABGs? Since this is a “college” game, this theme would make sense, haha.
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  15. i think there has been? i’m newer so idk but i do like to check out boxes, idk what hunt it was but take a look @ the desert box, i’m pretty sure it’s items might’ve been based on a real festival but i can’t place the name (the one with the giant wicker man? i think?)
  16. Yes! Thats what my Avi is from but I would love to see another one!
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  17. I know it’s been asked for a lot but I would still love to see an alien hunt. Like neat alien type avatars and regular ones that have to do with making contact with aliens ect. UFO type furniture and gov. Alien studying furniture. Alien pets 🤷🏻‍♀️ Like it would just be awesome tbh.

    Also I would love more witchy and pagan stuff too! But like accurate wiccan and pagan portrayal not the stereotypical mass media version. An accurate portrayal would be a fantastic representation for people who practice wicca and paganism and it would be way more versatile when it comes to avis, pets, furniture, drop symbols ect. And even some more ghost stuff 🤷🏻‍♀️
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  19. A James Bond hunt wout be cool
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  20. James Bond hunt
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