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  1. I would love if there was an African hunt. I repeat African not black American. We have so many culture over here it would be dope to get something about us done. Maybe Yoruba or Ghana or even Zulu
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  2. I would love to see a few hunts
    1) ‘Giving back to the community’ hunt. Avas could be volunteers ranging from animal shelter, soup kitchen, firefighter, nursing home volunteers etc. You could collect items people usually donate for misc
    2) ‘Saturday morning cartoons’ hunt. Avas would be in pjs, bonus points for messy hair. Could base the misc around some of our favorite childhood cartoons through the years.
    3) ‘I believe’ hunt. Pls give me some alien stuff 👽

    With playing on and off this game so long I’m not sure if some of these ideas were already used in the past, I know there have been firefighter avas before but 🤷🏻‍♀️ throwing a few ideas out there 😌
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  3. Some alien “Area 51” would’ve been awesome during that whole Area 51 phase last year, even now it would be awesome! The 999 would be some outer space thing, the Desk or 499 would be either a spaceship/alien!
    Also a “Scooby doo” Hunt would be awesome! I know it was made years ago but an updated one w furniture would be super cool!
    The 499 could be the “mystery machine” or “Scooby doo” and the bed and theme could be 70’s groovy/flowery
    Another one that would be cool is maybe a “sneaker headlines ” theme, a dorm room and stats items related to some sneakers. Yeezy/Nike/Adidas etc
    Another idea(s) maybe something after some professions? A doctor/Lawyer/firefighter type hunts
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  4. Also maybe some furniture for a hunt could be something you find in real life, a TV “lamp” or a flat screen tv “above plant”....a normal one color bed (a basic cute/cool blk/white/gray/etc) a Desk w a “Apple laptop”, just some stuff to make the dorm rooms look more “realistic” if that makes sense lol
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  5. Its truly messed up the mask, ties, and feathers are now useless . there show be a reimbursment
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  6. There was a timer on the avis in store and they gave a bit of a warning before hand on the login screen.

    Always check if you can still make the avi before buying more shards 🥺
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  7. With the way ATA's going;

    A hunt that's all green and gold! Everything costs double in store. Every party costs 4.99$ to initiate and you need to pay .99¢ to get your rewards for each party. Lite boxes require a 5ec key to open.
    Your tears must be mailed in.

    Sorry, couldn't help it. Lol 😂
  8. Omg stop giving them ideas I cri
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  9. Yeah. I posted and said "wait wait wait. They'll actually do this. ABORTTT"
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  10. So just putting it out there but I’ve seen people saying “doctor who” but how about just TIME TRAVEL...
    So like mix up every movie/Tv show/ or any reference to time travel into one hunt ?
    To be honest don’t know if it has been done before so dont judge me 👀

    example: doctor who -> tardis can be 999
    Back to the future -> dmc delorean can be the 499?

    😅 just putting it there
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  11. I'm still waiting for a rawring 20s blast to the past or an epidemic 20s XD No?
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  12. [​IMG]

    throwback to when people unironically posted this image everywhere
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  13. Oh god middle school flashbacks
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  14. Still want a 420 hunt 👀
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  15. Omigosh no one did that I definitely never did that not even once deleteitplskthx
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  16. You are right but facts is you buy the ec to open n don't get a full set and then have to rely on trading and there is no guarantee u will get by end . its just messed up
  17. Has there ever been a coffee (or tea for the non-coffee drinkers) themed hunt? This is a college themed game. Ppl need caffeine.
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  18. Is it just me or would anyone like to see a military style hunt of like prior service members Avitars could be based around prior military with maybe some Moto gear or items like that. There is alot of options that they could do with a hunt type like this. Being a prior Marine currently in college I would love to see this idea put into a hunt. Is there anyone else or just me
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  19. I want to see a Celtic pagan hunt with a fox pet introduced. Possibly a god/goddess 95/95 avi with a cabin pagan dorm or a forest pagan dorm. Could introduce minor gods as lower stat avis like forest gods etc. They could also do a story pass with the god avis and the hunt be worshipper avis.
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  20. I love this!!!