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  1. Hi y'all ଘ(੭ˊᵕˋ)੭* ੈ✩‧₊˚ it's Clefairy!

    So I wanted to go and suggest themes for the future hunts, but I wasn't sure if there was already an official thread for it ? and after searching I only found suggestions but no official thread.


    (Also I apologize for the boring black and white & lack of visual effects, I'm a forum nub and don't know how to be a fancy pansy ? I'll add emojis for a splash of color)


    I think it would be easier to keep them all here for ATA to find and go to off this list.

    Anyways, so the top ones I found while searching were:

    - A revamped pokemon theme (since there's already been one in the past, hence the crackhead looking ash ketchum avi)

    - Revamped Dragon Ball theme

    Those two are the ones I kept seeing pop up, and honestly idk about you but my dumb millenial wallet would sell itself for hunts like that. & I call them revamped because as said, there's been some in the past.

    These are other suggestions I've come up with:

    - Steampunk ?⚙⛓ Or Victorian Age hunt

    - Cyberpunk/cyborg-y/space alien type of thing ?⚙??

    - Hawaiian/Samoan/Polynesian/Moana type of hunt, not just like some of summer party but more of an indigenous hunt for our lovely Pacific islanders ??

    - A Filipino hunt? A large amount of players are part or full Filipino so I think since we've had Chinese hunts & black history hunts our Mexicans of Asia such as myself deserve one too ???? I know our culture consists of like, copying America and eating rice but idk, it's just a suggestion.

    - A FAST AND FURIOUS HUNT  vin daddy diesel needs happen here, along with just 90's car racing and a general racing theme ????

    (Don't make fun of me it's a joke tho I actually have called him that before and got many people very upset)

    - Animal/Nature preservation? We can all be Zoologists ??????

    - Revamped Mermaid/Aquatic/Atlantis Themed hunt ??? A lot of my friends really want to have a hunt like this come back, maybe it can be combined with the Pacific Islander theme? I know it's almost somewhat recent, but it's been over a year since it's been out. Maybe a little mermaid theme?

    - Disney Villains ?? Idk about y'all but I LOVE all Disney villains, I have a Loungefly Wallet with Ursula on it. It would be SO COOL to have a hunt inspired by both the Male and female Disney villains from our childhoods!

    - A 60's-80's Old TV show hunt ? With avis with old timey vintage clothes, somewhat similar to the golden age theme except with a more suburban and relatable twist for the rest of us. Possibly featuring some of the bigger shows from back then like:

    The Brady Bunch, My Three Sons, Gilligan's Island, Hogan's Heroes, Bewitched, The Beverly Hillbillies, Bonanza, The Addams Family, The Twilight Zone, Perry Mason, The Carol Burnett Show, The Monkees, I Love Lucy and the Andy Griffith Show.

    I probably forgot some good ones but I'm like 12 so mom I hope you're proud of me.

    Anyways that's just a good list of shows, they're all very different & maybe the hunt could showcase a main character from each? Or even possibly one show entirely. But of course a lot of people here don't know squat about even the 80's  but you do you ATA, I'd still love a vintage TV show hunt more than this Avengers Endgame hunt any day ?

    - A HUNT BASED ON VINES! ? I don't know how they'd do it, but if they pulled it off it would be the best thing to ever happen to this app.




    - Revamped Egyptian hunt? I think there has been one already but it's way before my time.

    - Maybe a Playstation VS. Xbox theme? It's a very current and specific rivalry that could have a war included? Avis and misc featuring old and new games from both consoles, especially those for them specifically.

    - Dia De Los Muertos theme ??? Possibly themed around the movie Coco, with all the interesting colors and MANY sugar skulls to go around until you'll can practically hear Los Corrídos in your head.

    - Jungle/Caveman/Tarzan/The Jungle Book theme ??? more about being adopted by wild animals and becoming part of them. With plenty of loincloths and mancubs about.

    - Candy/Kawaii/Pastel/Pastel Goth theme ??? I would want this hunt to have a lot of lolita aspects, and to have the colors of the game Sugar Rush from Wreck it Ralph. Everything made of candy and everything pink and colorful so that you get eye cavities, with cookies and cake and sweets literally everywhere.

    - Theme park/Haunted theme park theme ??? with many clowns and spooky roller coasters and deadly cotton candy. This would be good for Halloween.

    - 90's Baby Cartoon Network/Nickelodeon shows theme ⭐ Complete with avis and misc from our favorite shows like:

    Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Chowder, Ben 10, Kim Possible, Jimmy Neutron, Danny Phantom, Kids Next Door, Johnny Bravo, Catdog, Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, Care Bears, Johnny Test, Magic School Bus, Power Rangers, Total Drama Island (there could possibly be a whole hunt for that show), Ed Edd and Eddy, TMNT, Rugrats, and Fairly Oddparents.

    PLEASE comment more of your favorites ♡ An entire hunt full of these old lovable characters would also be one of the best things to happen to this game.


    Okay so this is all I've come up with so far ??‍♀️ Feel free to add more suggestions and correct me but don't be a d*ck ? k thanks.

    Also I have a pimd YouTube video, PM me and I'll send the link.

    PLEASE! Post your suggestions here to make this more of an official thread! So yeah tysm ??
  2. Maybe a DC hunt since we have a marvel hunt going on rn?

    Also I would love a full on dia de los muertos hunt and not just a side quest!
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  3. I'm too lazy to type much, but in addition to your pokemon and dragon ball suggestion *input every anime that was ever suggested for a hunt*
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  4. The dia de los muertos would be cool af
  5. You can do a lot more with it then most people think
  6. They've had full hunts of it before
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  7. I’d love to see the avis they could do tbh.
  8. Support for addams family
  9. Well I missed them so I didn’t know ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  10. What's with the sass?? I'm just saying that it's possible and something they are willing to do. I missed it too lol
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  11. Kingdom Hearts for the win pls- I have some of it planned out actually.

    VIP Sora- brown hair, blue eyes
    VIP Aqua- get regular all is blue

    Regular Sora- dare I say, black hair and yellow eyes? ?
    Regular Aqua- oof, dare I say it again? Yes- dark Aqua!!
    *Maybe vice versa

    Box- Riku, Kairi
    Some variation of VIP/regular could be ansem/dark Riku and Naminé.

    Story- Roxas and xion- did not plan for vip/regular ideas

    Main Story- Keychains
    Side story- seashells
    Side story 2- sea salt ice cream

    It was told probably be PvP so Light vs Dark- trying to stall everybody's Hearts.
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  12. I would love a Studio Ghibli themed hunt tbh
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  14. Didn’t mean for it to come off as sassy, sorry
  15. Día de los muertos hunt was like 5-7 years ago, Yes I’m old on pimd. But for suggestions we’ve had so many diversity hunts but where the hunts for Latinos or other types of Latinos we make up part of the population of the world too. There should be other types of Asian hunts to, so many types of Asians out there.
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  16. Ah, gotcha. It was the Lenny emoji choice
  17. Same. I need my Host Club and my baby boos Sasuke and Kakashi.
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  18. ?? Maybe a Supernatural hunt or a Emo/Punk kinda hunt with all dark furniture ??
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