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  1. You can't fix stupid
  2. Question: Will there be a team battle tomorrow and everyday?
  3. 2000 keys is 134 keys a day, 26000 drops a day at 200 a key. That's 52 cats a day. It's impossible to achieve by playing the game. Even with spending. Yes this was a great idea.
  4. 2000 Keys?!?!
  5. Thanks ata. I fangirled so hard I have no voice ?
  6. While that is an outrageous amount of keys, I'm glad they actually read the feedback they are given rather than ignore it. I ain't much of a trader but I'm sure that may be possible.
  7. This.
  8. [​IMG]
  10. 
  11. Your math is off a bit.

    2000 keys over the course of about 14 days is (2000/14)= 143 keys per day.

    (143keys×200)= 28,600 total drops.

    But, if you break it down further, say you were in a cat club the whole hunt. Say you club averaged 2.5 hours to complete a cat...

    (24hours÷2.5hours)= 9.6 parties per day, round up to 10 to keep things simple.

    (10parties×500drops)= 5,000drops per day
    (5,000drops per day/200drops per key)= 25 keys per day.

    *assuming max drop every party
    **not factoring in sleep, etc.
  12. Just a Guess but..
    One is Cedric Diggory
    One is Ginny Weasley
    One is Draco Malfoy
    One is Luna Lovegood
    One is Hermione Granger
    And IDK the last one
  13. Very Awesome idea
  14. You forgot Neville
  16. This is so very true. Why the heck should anyone spend money to get the same Ava stats? Outrageous amount of keys as well. No way I will bother spending my money for this hunt or any hunt like the last several we have had.
  17. nailed it
  18. They should at least change the distribution of the stats, something like 50/1; 1/50 or 40/11, 11/40; 46/5, 5/46... that would make them, at least, a bit different.
  19. Transfigured childhood friend is Neville Longbottom.
  20. You need max drops from 800 cat parties to get 2000 keys  Anyone who spend that's kind of money on this need to go out and explore the world. Maybe find a charity to donate your time and money to instead of this game.