Hunt Guesses

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  1. oops didnt realize we cant share leaks- sorry! 🤧
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  2. Has anyone got a photo of it on google play?
  3. I checked and usually there would be one by now but there's not.
  4. I had to laugh. Am I the only one who fell asleep during it?
  5. Yup, only the event preview in the app stores is allowed now. And just random guessing / hopefuls.
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  6. What’s 365?
  7. 365 Days is a new movie on Netflix thats been inspiring memes lately, its basically another 50 Shades of Grey type movie
  8. I dont care enough to watch it lol, but I probably would fall asleep too 🥱
  9. 😂 it’s a bit creepy imo 🤷🏻‍♀️ the whole “are you lost, baby girl” thing makes my skin crawl
  10. omg sameee, the memes are hilarious tho 💀
  11. Agreed! There are hysterical 😂
  12. early guess. aliens 🤍😼
  13. im rooting for aliens tbh 🤧
  14. That’s what I meant 🥺
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  15. Does ata accept suggestions for the hunts?
  16. I mean that’s how we got the philippine hunt, but this thread is just for guessing what the next hunt will be.
  17. So what now
  18. At this point if it’s not aliens I say we riot.
  19. Agreed.
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  20. I think it could be anime or gaming. I think they did anime around this time 1 yr ago and it was pretty popular. And summer just seems like a good time to do gaming, plus it's been a long time since there's been a gaming hunt
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