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  1. The New & Updated Approach

    Hey everyone. As most of you discovered, my original Hunt Guesses thread was deleted. After reaching out to ATA, I learned it was deleted due to the posts containing leaks.

    Moving forward with this new thread, I will list some do's and do not's to make sure the deletion does not happen again.

    DO: guess what you think the next hunt may be. If your guess is right, you get bragging rights until the next hunt. hahaha.

    DO NOT: post leaks (from boxes, friends, third party, etc.) on this forum. ATA will release the content when they wish.

    DO: post the Google Play Store event sneak peak when it releases. ATA told me this was allowed since it is directly linked to them.

    DO NOT: post hunt suggestions. there are other threads for that or you can simply make your own thread about your idea.

    DO: be kind to one another and, of course, have fun! this is just a creative outlet for people to express the trends they see with hunts and guess what the next hunt will be based on holidays/seasons/trends/etc.


    I hope you are all doing well & staying safe!
    Your friendly neighborhood, Spider-Girl
    \_\ () /_/
    _/ / o \ \_

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  2. Now with all this being said, the hunt recently released is in celebration of the 4th of July! It is also kind of a retro, malt shoppe theme. This hunt will last two weeks which means there will be a new hunt of July 7th.

    Looking at the past hunt that followed 4th of July, my guess is the next hunt will be a summer getaway theme. I say this broadly because last year we had a Phillipines hunt following the 4th of July, so maybe ATA will take us somewhere else in the world!

    As always, let me know your guesses about the next hunt!! This time, kindly keep your leaks to yourself.
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  3. I'm kinda hoping they do a less summer-y theme for the next hunt tbh. It seems like we had a lot of summery hunts this year already.

    Sooooo maybe it will finally be aliens 👽
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  4. They should do a Native American hunt tbh 👀
  5. Imma guess that it’s gonna be winter related or smthng cause why not?? 😂💕
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  6. They had one around American Thanksgiving 2019; I would love to see another one especially since there are so many Native cultures but I think a lot of people would be off-put by the seemingly back-to-backness of it. I know the last one wasn't super popular. :(
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  7. I honestly, just want the sneak peaks lol
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  8. I think It could be Anine
  9. Anime*
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  10. We can only do the google leaks now I think, since that’s purposely put out & not a glitch
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  11. saw the leaks. wow we bdsm again. thought we've done the bdsm theme last Black Friday 🥵😂😂
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  12. Where did you see them? I saw them on LINE but they were blurry 😭
  13. Please do not discuss the datamined leaks here, as this is what got the thread shut down by ATA last time. :( I recommend discussing in PMs.
  14. Someone didn’t read lol
  15. 😱😱😱 Christmas in July would be tight
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  16. Never lose hope for 👽
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  17. Is it out on google play?
  18. it’s already been leaked, its a bdsm theme- i guess the devs watched 365 🥴