How to report a member who is clearly violating rules

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  1. Hiya,

    I just got the silliest “blackmail” in my inbox. This guy was trying to get a masturbation clip. Little did he know i’m not that stupid but there are teenager who can be scared and add him on snap.

    Is it possible to report this, and there are screenshots from the conversation.
  2. Only add your friends to avoid this kind of thing.

    You can send a link to the ss in tickefs but the devs will probably tell you that they don't moderate personal messages and to unfollow/block the person and move on in life.
  3. Basically just block and move on. Ata can't do anything with PM's, would need to be in a public channel for then to take action.
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  4. How do I report someone
  5. Press and hold on their message then tap report
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