How to hit Cat Cafe 25 hit per hour

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by CrunchyRoll, May 10, 2017.

  1. People restrict hits?
  2. Thank you for your thread, even though I view cat threads as tedious and disgusting. You at least attempted to bring something to forums, and that is well commended.
  3. A for effort

    But it really is a waste of time, with all threads they slowly get pushed to the back
  4. Wow....I wonder if people show this much interest in life rather than a app, I can imagine where their life would be.
    Reading some of the dialogue, mostly when people actually think they are in a war... First I laughed than I show my wife the conversation of how people go back and forward on their walls arguing, she they have any other interest... LMAO. I don't know but I do know some people whom lost their jobs because of this app. I know some people who fell into a state of depression because this app. I know some people who lost their home because of this app. I know some people who fell in love with a avatar more than the person they chat with. I know some people that look forward to the validation from this app.WHO ARE YOU ?
  5. Show of hands, how many people (besides OP) have used this guide?

  6. Wow, I thought you stopped​playing, haven't seen your name for awhile, or is it just my lack of activeness ?
  7. Mann… ofc i have to strategizing everything, my life depends on it… this party is a life ya know lol
  9. That's why my club is basically ul & 1dn. It's that simple. Besides most just don't care...
  10. Just unload whenever like normal people. Stop doing unneeded math for this game
  11. The effort to make this is noted but honestly a lot of people wouldn't stay long in a club that obsessively counted hits. It's a game. It should feel fun and not make you feel compelled to have to stress out over something so small.

    I understand that this thread was meant to help but it brought out people's bad side instead. 
  12. Its normal sttaightforward strategy but i think in facepalm you can hit more than 10 times when u have full strenghth
  13. Thanks Wolf!
  14.  Clearly know how not to over hit
    You only need to know these numbers 
    Eat 17 hit from full Uload
    Facepalm I don't even know I don't hit it
    PeaceSign 20 hits from full unload
    Hit eat 17 times then hit PeaceSign 24 times <--- you can only do that if party is long enough.
    If u missed eat hit FP as if it eat i.e 17 times follow the instructions
    The most important rule is wait till full Regen before you hit
    ... No more giving away of my trade secrets
  15. This is wild.. does any club even do 25 hph minus maybe VIP clubs w lots of members? ?
  16. really strict noob clubs who wanna pretend they're vip REEEEAL bad
  17. wrong guide, thats not how u do 25
  18. Simple rule here is hit 10 on eat 10 on face and 5 on peace doh that's makes 25 hits in a hour
  19. Simple rule here is learn to count to 25... If someone cant do that no amount of technique is every going to help them. Certainly not techniques that consist of 41 hits..