How Not To Argue In PIMD

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  1. Arguing with a another player can't possibly be in your best interest, even if it isn't malicious.. So save yourself a mute and read on.. 24 hours is not worth it.

    Some things you should be careful of

    Bypassing 
    Profanity is not allowed or encouraged in-game. All games have a language filter to assist and reduce the amount of profanity in-game.
    CJS: Bypassing the filter provided for the game is an offense, and will result in a silence if you continue to do so.
    User: "kcuf you!!"
    CJS: *mute*
    I wonder if he really thought I couldn't read that and he was actually being tricky?

    Personal Info 
    This is a no-warning offense. If someone asks or posts ANY personal contact information, they are silenced immediately! No warnings.
    User1: Hey, want to meet up? My number is 111-222-3333
    User2: Okay sure, expect my call then.
    User1: Alright! well my address is 1234 PIMD ST (not real address)
    CJS: *mute*

    YELLING! 
    This isn't an offense in the ToU, but it will have you blocked in record timing.
    User1: Sir, might I ask you to calm down?
    User1: *block*

    Saying things like this might deeply offend someone, and shouldn't be used as a way to prove your point..or whatever your trying to do.
    CJS: Bypassing the filter will result in a 24 hour silence, this is your warning.
    CJS: wtf? *block*

    This is a No-Warning offense. Spamming is sending the same message or its variation more than 3 times in minutes.
    CJS: Hey, are you okay?
    User: No
    User: Nah
    User: Nope
    User: Nawh
    CJS: *mute*

    This is a No-Warning silence. We know threats are common in competitive games, and it is acceptable as long as it doesn't get out of hand. Any and ALL threats to personal life result in silencing and will be reviewed for banning.
    User1: Hey, stop farming me!
    User2: What's farming?
    User1: Don't play stupid, I'll come over to your house and kill you!
    CJS: *mute and sends a feedback message to the support team*

    Please, everyone.
    Save yourself a mute. It honestly isn't worth it.. For Anyone. So please don't do it
    (None of these conversations actually happened, and I'm hoping they honestly will not happen.
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  2. Re: How Not To Argue With A Mod 

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  3. makes me lol every time.. This is a very useful thread... Now if u ever feel the urge to retaliate rising.. Refer to this thread. Saves time and money friends
  4. thats not what ur mom said! lol wtf?
  5. Forgive me Captain for I have sinned. Some jerk from Club Purple was being exactly what he is (a jerk) and I retaliated  i dont think i broke any rules though!!!
  6. Eh whatever. He deserved every word of it though!!
  7. Some ppl just lack the brains to have intelligent conversations. That's why I end up in most disagreements with some major tools. My advice? Read a book and grow a vocabulary so that swearing isn't your only means of communication. Oh and never get into a battle of wits with an unarmed person. 
  8. CJP,
    I like to argue.
    I hate this thread.
    I love you.
    But your notgunna stop me.
    From arguing, that is.

    The end.


    (didnt bypass there OMFG!)
  9. Yo mama lol 
  10. Btw CJP is Captin Jacks's Parrot
  11. Omg i notice my club is getting a lot of negative attention...mysterious stranger, let me know who it was please in private .. I will deal with it
  12. Stranger is talking about me Ex. I did nothing to insult or harm stranger at all. Stranger posted a comment on my forum insulting my profession, my character, and my dead mother.
  13. I know people on the internet these days.... Have no souls or respect. If they were to see u in real life they wouldnt even say anything

    Anyways stay on topic xP
  14. thats not what your mother said! makes me laugh every damn time ps dont taze me bro just quoting
  15. I agree with Trick 100%!

    ....people say stupid things on the Internet...
  16. If you just kick those kids below 17 it this thread wont be necisary.
  17. To bad theres no way to find out.
  18. couldnt you send out a......ummm..... well dont i look stupid lol oh well your right cam u b a mercfor my club in this war plezzzzzzzzzzzz lol thanks seee yaaaaa.......P.S that was a good threadfist touch lol
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