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  1. Stopped counting at 4T
  2. More than 2T ?XD :)
  3. 1.25T most ive ever made
  4. I ended up with 405b on Monday but ug, then 205b was left ug again then had like 66.6band now I'm 1.5mcs(my kcs before ug was 538)
  5. I bought one half off cat and one reg price cat
  6. 400b ish

    Didnt really keep count...
  7. 1.4T :lol:
  8. 40-50bil in 20ish parties? I don't remember :/
  9. Eh I had 700B sold 1.2T in tuts bought a 2.5T tut and bumped others so I made roughly 2.5T
  10. 2t?but only got 311b left
  11. ? I have no idea how to do math.
    -moved in 18 t6,
    -upgraded 10 of them to lvl 2
    -and bought a 450b tut ?
    Someone else can do the math
  12. Think about 1t 
  13. 1.69T?no joke
  14.  woah, that's more than I thoughts 
    I have an issue using a calculator it just doesn't work for me ?
  15. ?You just click random buttons x Pi and bam you have your answer
    That's quite a lot of money ?
  16.  I was 800kcs or so before hand? but I bought a few cats and was able to dn on my cats which made a huge difference.
  17. Wow...800kcs to what, about 2mcs ?
  18. Yes? it was worth the sleepless nights 