How many times have you quit pimd and come back lol

Discussion in 'Best Of' started by shebeenafan, Aug 30, 2019.

  1. i’m probably on come back #250 but something always makes me type pimd in the AppStore & download it back on my phone😭💓
  2. Momma ain’t raise no quitter!
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  3. like 7 times. longest streak is.. a year and a half and still going strong
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  4. Zero times
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  5. I’ve been playing 7 years since I was 12 lol
  6. I really wouldn't admit that publicly if I were you
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  7. I’m legal now🤪
  8. Still wouldn't admit it publicly 🥴
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  9. too late🥴🥴
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  10. There was a brief time I was unable to play for about a month due to rl circumstances, but I've never quit lol
  11. Zero. I'm less active at times when I've got lots of rl stuff on. But it's still my night time wind down activity. 😝
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  12. Idk. I take breaks whenever I don't wanna be on the app. They've ranged from a few days to a few months, depending.
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  13. I don't quit I just lose interest and don't open the app for days, weeks, months until I miss it and hop on and realize why I lost interest in the first place, then it all starts again. 🤡
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  14. I quit last last year and came back after 6 months. Regret it cuz i missed the hunt with pofofo chair and that otaku james corden avatar
  15. A lot
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  16. Downloaded the app and played the tutorial then quit... came back 6 months later... became an ECBC then quit... came back 2 and a half years later stayed 0/0 cs for a full year then played for 6 months then quit again for like 6 months came back for about 8 months then was barely active again for like 8 months now I’m back again kind of... :/
  17. If it makes you feel better there’s still a chance you buy the pofofo chair off someone or have it drop from a hunt box
  18. Surprisingly never because I've only been playing for around 3 months lol
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