How Bad is your addiction..???

Discussion in 'Strategy' started by -OFH-MICGOZ_V-ll, Jan 29, 2016.

  1. You could say I have a BAD case of pimditis, where my tendons hurt if im not tapping repeat on a party?
  2. I cry all day when my rs' break up :cry:

  4. Good one Rude....lmao
  5. When you're yelling at your friend and you say you're gonna farm them :(
  6. LOL cracked me up
  7. - No sleep because of Pimd..
    - Dreaming about pimd.
    - on vacation and on pimd...
    - Staying up late for war (like 4am :( )
    - When i turn my phone on and its the first thing i open by habit...even if its not what i wanted :lol:

    and carrying 2 phones around :lol:
  8. Just about sums up my life rn 
  9. Lol I am on pimd when I get home lol
  10. I thought i wasa pimd addict... Till i started playing league of legends with a guy called scrap computer. He's i in twitch
  11. Im on here 20 hours of the day..the other 4 are spent sleeping
  12. I actually called someone a noob today 
  13. Lmao
  14. Lol I had a dream about pimd,cant get on it at school
  15. So addicted that i take a few months hiatus, but come back cause i miss this horrid game
  16. ...
  17. :lol:
  18. Why... This is just as bad as some drugs. Look how much money people put in to this game. Look at how real life relationships are effected, and honestly if on it long enough it has physical effects on your body as well. (Cell phone carpel tunnel anyone?)